May 16, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to send some gloves to a brownie troop.  (Read more about that HERE.)  We gathered up some gently used ones, but we haven't sent them off yet because we wanted to buy a few more.  I can't wait for those sweet girls to start receiving packages.  They will be so excited!

This week's challenge is to do a small kind act EVERY day for someone in your life.  It's meant to be an act to show that person you are thinking about them.  

I am planning on doing this challenge for my husband.  It's really easy for me to do little things for my boys and even for others around me, but I feel like my poor husband often falls to the wayside.  Do you ever feel like that?

photo by Katie Dudley

It can be easy to forget the consistent pillars in your life.  The act might not be huge.  It might be a text during the day or picking up his favorite treat.  It might be doing a job that he doesn't want to do.  I'm excited to plan it out.

So, did anyone get to send some gloves?  I'd love to hear about your experience.  These are always me most favorite comments to read.  Thanks for being here.


Kara said...

Your request last week came at the perfect time for me - I was headed to the post office that day, and I had a pair of hand knit mittens hanging around for a year or two with no owner. I was so happy to pack them up and send them on their way to the Girl Scouts. I hope they have great success with their drive!

Anita P said...

Hi Cheri,
I emailed you last week about how I could contribute to the girls' project. I haven't heard back from you so I'm not sure if you got the email? Let me know!
Sending you some sunshine from Singapore,
Anita :-)

~ko said...

No gloves here :( I was a tad MIA last week. Maybe I'll play catch up with that challenge :) But I'm jumping on this week's challenge for sure! I completely understand when you write about your hubby falling to the wayside. Bless their hearts, I know I often times put him last on the list and that is not good at all! We've had a rough start to this week with sick kiddos, paint jobs and last minute travel plans so this challenge came at the perfect moment. Off to plan out my tidbits of kindness! Hope your day is lovely!

Catherine Peart said...

I thought I had already donated all of our non used gloves but came across another pair yesterday. They are being posted off!

Natural Mama said...

I love this challenge... I have been meaning to do this a lot more in my life. Started at the beginning of the year by sending snail mail letters to three different people each week to thank them or simply to say hi.
This week was spent giving little notes to the people around me that I don't think to mail things to instead. Thank you for the inspiration.

{ erin } said...

Anita - I'm Kayla's mom (she's the little girl who started the project in her Brownie troop). You can send gloves to our PO Box (PO Box #23, Mulvane, KS USA 67110). If you have questions you can email the troop at

:) THANKS! Erin

Melissa said...

I loved last weeks challenge and we so did it. One thing that I try to do a lot with my kids is to have them buy things that would be hard for them to give away. It really teaches a lesson when they care about what they are giving. At Christmas I have them pick out a toy that they would love and then put it in the Toys for Tots bin. Anyhow, I took my 4 year old to the store and she picked out purple glittery gloves (so her!). We wrapped them up in pretty pink paper and took them to the post. She was a sad on the way there when she actually had to give them away, but then she was happy when it was done. This is so "Mormony" but we also prayed for the little girls so that they would get the gloves they needed. A week later she is STILL praying for "the girl who needs gloves" LOL. So thanks for the chance to let my kids and I serve. We do it well during the holidays but really like the chance other times too!

Em said...

I just sent off 4 pairs, today.. I hope it is not too late, for them. Thanks for letting us know about this fun/good cause. :-)


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