June 08, 2012

Mommy School in Action - part 1

As I mentioned before, I have been planning on doing "Mommy School" with my kids this summer.  Well, summer began on Tuesday for us and we've already had a lot of fun this week.  I thought Friday might be a good day to occasionally share some of the activities we've been working on.  Here are a few ideas from our week.

1)  Our library hosted a petting zoo one day, so we learned about animals.  I thought it would be fun to make an Animal Bingo card for my boys to cross off as we went along.  I decided to google it, thinking that someone has probably thought of that idea before and I found a printable for it HERE.  

Before we headed to the petting zoo we reviewed all the animals on the bingo card.  I had Baden name each animal on the card and Rex tell me what letter that animal starts with.  Then we reviewed all the animal sounds and headed to the petting zoo.

2) For alphabet and number day I adapted an idea from HERE.  I gathered a bunch of small random items and then wrote the name of each on a small piece of paper.  

I let Rex match the paper to the item.  He sounds out each word and then having only 12 items to choose from makes it a little easier for him to guess the word as well.

For Baden I pulled out some of the same objects and then laid out numbers 1-5.  I had him count the objects.... 

......and then slap the paper with the correct number on it.

3) We finally did the water marbles!  I cannot tell you what a hit this was.  First off, they are really inexpensive.  I ordered this 5-pack found HERE for less than $3 and I wasn't charged for shipping.  (Maybe because it's so small?)  They are tiny packages and they don't look like they would make much, but they totally do.
We saved these for a night when my nephew was sleeping over.  We dumped all the tiny balls in a big bowl of water and in the morning they were bigger than marbles.  They were squishy and bouncy and possible the best $2 I ever spent.

We talked about absorption, sorted them by color, counted them, and just played with them.  They are seriously cool and my kids and nephew were astounded.  

The clear ones are the coolest because if you have them sitting in water you can't see them at all.  

Then you reach your hand into the water and realize there are a hundred of them hiding in the water.

4) Lastly, we printed off Delia's Summer Bingo Chart and filled it out.  It's going to be a fun summer.

(Sidenote: Let me know if you guys like these children's activity posts or if you'd prefer straight crafting.  I know I can't please everyone, but I just want to hear how you feel about them.  I know that not everyone who reads my blog has kids, but you probably all know kids who'd love to play and learn.  Let me know what you think.)

Thanks for reading.


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