June 15, 2012

Mommy School in Action - part 2

Thank you SO much for your kind feedback about sharing mommy school ideas.  I had no idea that so many of you liked these posts.  I think I'll share my favorite three ideas we've used during the week and post them on Fridays for the summer.  So, that being said, here are our three favorites from this week.

A few of you also asked me to mention the ages of my boys, so you could see which activities are good for which ages.  Rex is almost 5 now.  He'll go to kindergarten in the fall and Baden just turned 3.  He'll start preschool 2 days a week for just 2 hours in the fall.

1) Paintable Cardboard Dog Houses.  For our art day we dragged out two cardboard boxes.  I cut and taped them until they resembled a dog house.  Then I got out our washable paints and let the boys paint them.

They both designed a dog house for their stuffed animals.

 I was floored by how much they liked this activity.  Baden painted his three separate times during the day.  He just wanted to go out to the garage and paint some more.

I had a drop cloth under them and the paint was washable, so I didn't have to worry about keeping things spotless.  This is the box the paint came in, if you're looking for some.  The project was cost-free since we had the boxes and the paint on hand.

2) I'm calling this idea "My City."  (I adapted this idea from HERE, but changed things from delivering pizza to running basic errands.)  Before the boys woke up one day I put painter's tape on the ground to resemble streets.

I labeled the streets with names that were easy enough for Rex to sound out.  I added buildings/places that we frequent.  I also added a parking lot with numbered stalls.

When the boys woke up I let them pick a car and "run some errands."  I helped Rex sound out the street names before we began.  Rex's lesson went something like this.

"Head up Main street.  Turn right on Rex street.  Turn right on Dog street and drop your kids off at school.  Turn left onto Rex street.  Turn right onto Baden street.  Turn left onto Green street and pick up some paint at the Home Depot."  This helped him firm up his right and left.  It also helped him use his reading skills.

I kept things simpler for Baden.  I got out seven different colored cars and had him put them in specific parking spots.

"Drive the yellow car to parking spot 1.  Drive the purple car to slot 3."  You get the idea.  He's already great with colors and this reminded him of them and pushed him a little with some of the bigger numbers.

Then I did some more scenarios for Rex.  "Use the tow truck to pick up the purple car in the Target parking lot.  Tow it to the school."

The boys liked this one as well.  I think there's a lot of teaching you could do with this set up.  In fact, I haven't ripped it off the floor yet.

3) For our science day we made and decorated three types of paper airplanes/rockets.  I cut the papers the right sizes and let the boys color them.  Then we tested them to see which one could go further.

This straw plane I found HERE at All for the Boys.  It does fly a lot better than you'd think it would.

We tested a normal airplane as well.  (I love the look on their faces when they first let it go.  Joy.)

Then we did this paper rocket found HERE (via UCreate With Kids).  This one was the boys' favorite to play with.  (It's kind of the same concept as blowing your straw wrapper off like they want to at a restaurant, but there are not random strangers to catch it in the face when we're at home.  Whew.)

And that was the best of mommy school this week.  I'm really glad we've been doing it.  It's given us a little structure in the day and the boys actually look forward to it.  I do, too.

Thanks for stopping by.


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