June 13, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to do something that makes you uncomfortable.  I thought of a lot of things that would qualified for that one.  I hate driving.  I hate making phone calls.  Hmmm.....make a phone call while driving?  Just kidding.  I did decide, however, to call someone I had been meaning to call for a long time.  It's always hard for me to call someone I haven't talked to in a long time and for no apparent reason.  However, I did it and I'm really glad I did.  I really felt I should do it. 

This week's challenge is...... 
to smile and say hello to everyone you see.  Honestly, I'm not very outgoing in public.  I'm often in the mindset of get-in-the-store-and-out-before-one-of-my-kids-freaks-out.  However, Baden really struggles when strangers say hi to him.  He buries his face or give them a scowl.  I mean, does this face scream friendly? :)

I've been thinking that maybe if I were friendlier, it might help and encourage him as well.  So, that's the new challenge.  Say hello to friends you know and everyone you meet.

Thanks for dropping in.


Nicole said...

I have the same problem with my little guy. He pretends he is a tiger, so he gives a low growls at strangers. Except they don't know he's pretending to be a tiger so it sounds more like he is hissing at them. And he'll be 5 this fall. I try to call his cautious, not unfriendly. Cautious sounds so much more positive. :)

~ko said...

This will be a good one for us too! My youngest is a bit rude in public or at least it comes off that way. His shyness of strangers can be overwhelming for him sometimes. Love the viking hat by the way :)

stephaniegiese said...

My thing that made me uncomfortable this week was swimming lessons for the older two kids. It has been a giant pain in the neck for me (an hour round trip and a lot of clothing changes and extra laundry and sitting trying to nurse an infant in the muggy indoor pool area with no air conditioning) but my oldest loves it and it is really helping my middle child with her fear of the water, so I guess it is worth it. Maybe. ;)

mali said...

Great challenge! I'm doing it. Although I'm flying across the country with Grant, so it will be hard.
Excited to see you and the boys. I guess I get to spend time with them while you a J are away. :)
Love to you all and I love that sweet Baden face. He's great!

Jana Banana said...

I've been following your blog for a while, and I'm so sorry I'm just now leaving a comment, but....I wanted to let you know I love your "Wake Up Wednesdays" and find them so inspiring. I appreciate how you focus on simple, everyday kinds of things that aren't too overwhelming of a challenge to work in. Perfect. My little one is a bit to small yet to get fully involved in most, but, I attempt what I can and tuck away other ideas for later. Your boys are super cute, by the way, Viking helmets and all! :)

Lettie B. said...

We have some similar dislikes! No wonder I had to quit my 2 different jobs I had working exclusively over the phone!
If you have never read "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie, you might want to check it out. I am shy and awkward. After reading the book the way he suggested (complete with highlighter - obviously my own copy, not the library's), I tried out some of the ideas. I was a freshman in college and I tried the say hi to EVERYONE you pass deal and it was amazing to see people's faces light up. I'm from the Midwest, which as you know is a whole lot friendlier than Utah, and even at that, people were still surprised in a good way.

Curt said...

well, perhaps the little one has decided this is working for him and gets him the attention he wants. it distinguishes him in a unique way. Besides, in this day, how to distinguish at his age the appropriate degree of friendliness is appropriate can be a dilemma.
your blog is great and those cuties will be fine with the wonderful attitude their mommy has.

Siobhan said...

Great challenge! We teach our kids to fear strangers (and rightly so for the most part) but perhaps this is behind their increasing reluctance to engage with people they don't know. I think I must just confuse my kids because I engage with total strangers all the time!


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