July 17, 2012

Photo Collage (for the Master Bedroom)

First off, thank you SO much for your kind comments and support on Sunday's post.  I think I have the sweetest readers in the world.  Thank you.

On to today's post.  The master bedroom is actually finished, but it's not quite time for the reveal.  However, I wanted to share one wall I did a photo collage on that I'm really excited about.  On my husband's side of the bed there was a big empty wall and I couldn't decide what to put on it.  I love art, but I always end up loving photos on the wall more than anything.

So, I pinned this picture below (from HERE) and took some inspiration from it.

In the end, I decided to hang the photos in a really unique way, to create interest.  

I took some shots of all of us and I cross processed all the photos at about 30-40% to give them some continuity.  

I saw the superhero picture idea on Pinterest (originally from HERE) and had to use it, since it's so Rex.  (It reminded me of that video we did with him.)

I had to squeeze in a cheesy one of Mr. Roar and I, since it's our bedroom :)  I also took a picture of my wedding ring and added the letters to make it say "love."

I made the "We're better together" art on picmonkey.

So here's how I did it.  I knew I would have to spend some money to get that many pictures up on the wall, but I tried to save where I could.  I purchased the 8x10 frames from Wal-mart for $3 each.  I spray painted them all white.

I printed up the photos at Costco ($1.50 for 8x10s).  I used fabric scraps for some of the frames as well.

To be able to hang them exactly how I wanted to AND be able to change the photos out, there was really only one option.  I used the Command Strips for picture hanging.  They are pricier than using nails, but they are crazy easy to use and I can remove them when I'm done without leaving holes everywhere.  I felt they were worth the cost.  They have a sticky side and a side that's almost like velcro.  You put one strip on the wall and one on the frame.  Then they click together.  I used two sets on each frame.

I love that I can change out the pictures easily when I want to.

And there you have it.

I can't wait to show you the rest of the room, but it'll be a couple of weeks.  

Thanks for dropping in.  See you tomorrow.

UPDATE:  See the whole completed room now HERE.


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