July 11, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to teach a child about the country you live in.  On Independence day we did a special mommy school all about our country.  I taught the boys about the Declaration of Independence and Thomas Jefferson.  Rex took a lot of interest in it.  Then we colored the flag and talked about the meaning of it.  It was fun and it was good for me to prepare ahead of time and brush up on my history.  

Rex worked really hard on coloring it perfectly.  This is his serious coloring face :)

This week's challenge is to rid yourself of something.  I know that sounds a bit vague, but let mw explain.  I think there are a lot of things we tend to hold onto for far too long.  It might be junk you don't need or it might even be bitter thoughts.  Let's let go of something we don't need to hang onto anymore.  Maybe that means you'll have a garage sale.  Maybe you'll forgive someone.  Maybe you'll give something you have too much of to someone who needs it.  Think outside the box.  I'm really excited to hear what you come up with.

So did anyone get to teach a child about their country?  I'd love to hear your experience.  Thanks for reading.


Lauren said...

My daughter is turning 3 this summer so we didn't do too much about our country. We did talk about the colors of our flag and now when we go out she gets all excited when she sees our flag on a pole. :)

Palak said...

I have a one and two year old, so we baked a 'flag cake' (you know, with strawberry's for the strips, and blueberries for the corner etc). We talked about the colors of the flag etc. All they got out of it was 'Happy birthday 'merica'. :)

Diane said...

I have a 4 & 5 year old that I do preschool with twice a week. We talked about the flag, why there are 50 stars, and then we said the pledge of allegiance. I worry that they will never know the pledge from elementary school. I want them to know how amazing America is, and what freedoms we enjoy that others don't. We also found youtube videos of people singing the national anthem and sang that a lot. I love that now my son will be playing and will sing the Star-Spangled Banner on his own.

Megan Tenney said...

I've been working this summer, while my husband (a teacher) stays home with the kids. One day (before the 4th) I came home, and he and my son were watching a fun kid-oriented video about the founding of America, and they had hung a huge American flag in our dining room. So much fun to see the little ones learning and enjoying it!

T. L. Cole said...

I love this week's Wake Up Wednesday! It goes right along with thougths I read on another blog yesterday. I'm linking both posts in my Friday Favs post this week on Overacup.org.

Thank you for the great ideas!


Shari said...

I teach summer school and told my students that we wouldn't have school the next day because of the 4th of July. None of them could tell me what was special about it (3rd-5th graders in a title one school). I told them a little bit about it but then after reading your challenge I prepared another lesson for Thursday. It went well (except for the Broccoli Obama response- but at least one student knew who the president was!). We have talked a lot about it since then and they have asked awesome questions. Thanks for your challenges. And this week without knowing what the challenge was I was on a throwing out binge. Nothing in my house stood a chance! I was able to rid my house of two black garbage bags of paper and junk and a garbage bag full of clothes for DI. Oh man, it feels good!


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