July 25, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to refrain from speaking negative words.  I mentioned that I was having a hard time with that concept with Rex.  I thought I'd share something we did, in case any of you have a similar challenge at your house.

So, we had a little lesson during our family night about it and it actually helped.  I took two containers of play dough and some Mr. Potato Head pieces and created two different guys.  (I should have snapped a picture because it was kind of funny.  The play dough was the body and I also had some great cranky eyes from our pumpkin face accessories from Halloween.)  I introduced them as "Happy Harry" and "Cranky Craig."  I made up a story about both of them being invited to a birthday party.  Throughout the party I told the boys what each guy said about the party.

Cranky Craig:  This party is lame.  Why aren't any of these presents for me?  My birthday cake was a lot better than this one.

Happy Harry:  I'm so happy to be here.  Wow, I'm so excited she got such cool presents.  This cake is delicious.

You get the idea.  At the end I asked them which guy they'd like to be friends with.  Since then, we've kind of used "Cranky Craig" and "Happy Harry" as common terms around the house and the boys quickly recognize what I'm talking about.  It's given us a chance to laugh about it rather than feeling frustrated when Rex starts whining.

Alright, on with next week's challenge.

Next week's challenge is to learn about your heritage.  You could call your grandmother and ask her about her childhood.  You could read up on some history.  You could learn about your ancestors.  I think learning about the past gives us more gratitude for what we've been given - especially in this day and age.

I was talking with my sweet mother-in-law the other day and she shared some insights about my father-in-law.  Well, Mr. Roar is quite like his father and it was really helpful for me to hear her experiences.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do for this challenge yet, but I have a few ideas.  Hopefully you will, too.

Well, did anyone try avoiding negative words this week?  How did it go?  I love reading your about your experiences.  Thanks for sharing and for being here.


Rebekah said...

Wow, I really like your Happy Harry and Cranky Craig idea. I'm definitely going to use it on my five year old who seems to be going through the same thing!

~ko said...

Love the Happy Harry and Cranky Craig, we might just do that today. We joined you last week with the negative words challenge. My oldest loved it, especially when he could call me out ;)

Katie said...

Your challenge came at a perfect time for our family. We are going through some frustrating things right now - nothing earth shattering, just things not working out the way we had planned them, but still, to an autistic boy and his family, that's a big deal. Anyway, we made a rule that for every negative thing you were caught saying you had to say two positive things about the same subject. It was pretty helpful because we were constantly thinking on the positive side so that we would have something to say in case something negative slipped out. Also, we had some pretty great laughs at our creativity when you had to say something nice and there really wasn't anything nice to say. :) Good challenge, we will be keeping this up!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

I love your lesson idea. It sounds so fun and great to teach with. I am negative a lot about things I dOnt know how to do. So my husband decided my new mottto is. "I'll figure it out.". I have completed several thIngs this past week because I am practicingy new motto. YesterdayI even practiced driving stick and it wash best try ever.

Kimberly Grafton said...

I don't usually comment, but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Wake Up Wednesdays, especially last weeks challenge. I never realized how negative/critical I was until I was actively looking to speak positively. It really changed my outlook. Thank you!

Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

my second son stuggles with negative thinking/talking/etc SO much. Im always looking for new ideas to work with him on it. I have a few stories that I've shared with him, this will add to them nicely. Love it!

{ erin } said...

My oldest daughter used to whine all. the. time. When she was about three my mom came up with a genius idea that worked for us for years. She would tell Emily "give me your whine" and she showed Emily how to "scoop" the "whine" out of her mouth and hand it to Gram. Then my mom would stick Emily's "whine" in her pocket. I couldn't believe it when this actually worked! Once she gave my mom the whine she actually stopped whining! This evolved over time to where we would tell her to put her whine in her own pocket. Or throw it in the garbage. Or toss it out the window. It was a silly way to get the whining out. :)

Laurel said...

In our family we did a little lesson where I gave each of my children a spoonful of vinegar to taste. They all made faces and said it was really yucky. Then I let them each taste a spoonful of honey which they enjoyed! Then we talked about how a negative attitude is a vinegar attitude and a positive one is a honey attitude. We talked about the saying, "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." Then we did examples, I would say, "If Mommy asks you to put away toys and you say, "NO!" What kind of attitude is that?" etc. the kids loved that and they loved shouting "vinegar" or "honey" as appropriate. Now whenever one of them is acting grumpy or negative I just have to say, "What kind of attitude are you having, vinegar or honey?"

Curt said...

just want to stop by to encourageyou on your next challenge and to go as far into past generations as you can. this very challenge when our children were young led us to the Revolutionary war and beyond and meeting many interesting people as we did this. Even to finding traceable lineage with Queen Elizabeth. This really gave both children a real interest in history and proved quite valuable in classes. Happy investigating.


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