August 18, 2012

Sharing Saturday

It's time for a Sharing Saturday!  I loved reading your comments and suggestions last week.  This week we have a reader question and a couple from me.  Here we go:

1) We have a reader who is looking for potty training tips.  I think we talked about that once here a long time ago, but it's always great to have more suggestions and ideas.  Tell us what you know!

2) Are you good at exercising?  If you answered yes, would you say that it's because you love it or just because you're disciplined?  How do you make it work in your life/schedule.  Honestly, I feel like exercise is always the ball that gets dropped for me.  I'm debating purchasing an elliptical, but I want to make sure I can be committed before spending the money.  What your exercise of choice?

3) Do any of you have any personal experience with in vitro?  That's kind of a big question, I know.  Maybe I'll explain all that another time, but if you've done in vitro I'd love to hear your experiences.  If it's too personal to post here you can always email me.

Thanks ahead of time for your responses.  I love being able to tap into so much knowledge.  You guys rock.  Thanks for dropping in.


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