August 15, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to do something you don't like doing with someone who does like doing it.  The main idea was to say yes to those things you usually say no to.  Rex has a serious addiction to Icees/Slurpees.  Well, he had one probably a month or two ago and thought they were the best thing ever which means he has begged for one on a daily hourly basis ever since.  So, we headed down to Burger King to get one.  (Did you know they have Icees there?  Better then going into the Seven Eleven for a Slurpee in my opinion.)  

Then we headed to the grocery store that has those little carts.  I know I sound like a mean mom, but I hate those little carts.  I become a traffic director all through the store and I risk losing my ankles as the boys follow me too closely with their carts.  I let them use the carts and pick out a couple fun items as well.  Can you tell how much they like these carts?  

(Sidenote: I also let Rex dress himself without making him change his clothes when I didn't like the outfit.  He'll pick a green shirt (that's an in-your-face-character-shirt) and a different shade of green shorts because he says they are both green and so they match.  I figure it's good to let him pick and it really doesn't matter in the long run.)

This week's challenge is to find someone who is struggling and find a way to help.  In a church meeting a while back an idea was shared that stuck with me.  If someone is drowning, you don't stand on the side and ask if they want help.  You jump in.  This week's challenge is to jump in.  Find someone who needs help.  If you can't find someone, you might not be looking hard enough.  Life is hard and there are a lot of people struggling.  We just don't always look closely enough to realize it.

So, did anyone take last week's challenge?  Let's hear about it.  Thanks for reading!

- I just guest posted HERE on Binkies and Briefcases.  Stephanie asked me to share some ideas about how I handle mommy school and teaching children.  It's my list of 5 things that help us with Mommy School.


Nessa the Procrastinator said...

In my many many years of being a nanny, I don't even argue anymore about clothes. Everyone who has ever had a 3-5 yo will understand and those who don't, well, why would you care what they think? Sometimes it's not worth the argument. Plus, you can take pictures of the craziest outfits they picked out. When they get older they'll be so embarrassed when you show those pics on prom night. ;)

My husband is getting into Magic the Gathering cards (he is a total nerd) and I think it's stupid. I took him to a card shop so he could play with other people and I even played a few games with him. I was rewarded with bowling, mini golf and a movie.

Shanda and Stephen said...

Rex and my husband would be great friends! :-) He often comes out in red shirt and a different shade of red shorts because "they match. they are both red."

gina said...

HAHA my 4yr old also loves to wear different shades of the same color - drives me crazy but I let him do it =)

Nopinkertons said...

I don't care when my almost-three-year-old picks out clashing colors, but I do have a real problem when he picks a long sleeve shirt and long pants when it's going to be hot. Since we live in Seattle, most days long sleeves and long pants are fine, but on the days when they're not, they're really not (no one has air conditioning here, so it can get up above 80 inside, too). I try to tell myself that if he gets hot, he'll learn not to do that, but he has never, ever admitted being hot, even when sweating rivers. He just gets really cranky and I worry he'll end up super dehydrated and sick. So we fight about it. Must. Let. It. Go.

Megan B said...

LOL, Nopinkertons! My friends and I were just talking about how our 5 year olds always want to wear winter clothes on hot days and summer clothes on cold days. What is that all about?
Cheri, I love to do this type of challenge, and I laughed at your comment about having to protect your ankles from the little carts because I just got home from Trader Joe's where I spent the entire time trying not to walk in front of my kids and their little carts because I feared for my ankles!
I love to give the "unexpected yes" because it's so fun to see how caught off guard the kids get when they ask a question and expect to hear no but hear yes instead. As a matter of fact, I have a coupon for a free Slurpee in my purse for when my son asks for one next. : )

Sarrilly said...

Hahhaa to Rex and also to Shanda and Stephen, because my husband does the EXACT same thing, but with bright orange and burnt orange. Is it a guy thing? :)

Katie said...

When my son was that age, when I would do laundry I would put it away in "outfits" shirt, pants, socks, underpants, etc that all went together got put in a gallon sized ziplock and then he got to choose whatever baggie he wanted. It made both of us happy and I felt like a super good mom. Then my daughter came along, and she totally isn't down with that, she INSISTS on picking by herself... Oh, well, you can't win them all:)
I played Uno with my son this week. That doesn't sound like a big deal, but he has autism and so numbers and patterns are a huge deal to him. He has to organize everyone's hand in color and numerical order before you can play, and if the game goes on too long he calls "stop and straighten" and has to do it all over again. Plus he has rules like everyone has to pat the table three times before they can draw a card, and tap the card on the table two times before they can play it... yeah, it is not my favorite. But he loves it, and asks to play it every. single. Saturday. So this week I played 8 games with him. We actually had a really great time chatting while we played, and after a while I didn't mind wiggling my nose before playing blue.:)
This weeks challenge was inspired. My best friend's mom passed away yesterday, and other than just be there with her, I'm not sure how to help. Now I am determined to find SOMETHING that I can do! Thanks for your wonderful ideas.

The Miller Five said...

I am totally with you on the mini carts! They are awful and pure torture! You win the mom of the year award for letting them both have a cart.

Love your challenges. I need to get back into the habit of doing them. They always make me feel so good.


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