August 08, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to make something and give it to someone you don't know really well.  I tried to make donut holes for the boys' swimming instructors, but they didn't turn out quite right.  So, we're going to make banana bread for our garbageman today.  He's newer, so we haven't ever given him anything.  Hopefully he'll like it.

This week's challenge is to do something you don't naturally like doing, with someone who does like it.  Maybe your kids have been begging you to go swimming.  Maybe it's time for a family camp out.  Just say yes to one of those things you usually say, "not right now" to.  Sometimes I think we all get lazy.  I sure do.  And then we put off the chance to make someone else happy.  I'm going to let my kids pick something I usually say no to.  I'll let you know how it goes :)

So, did anyone make something for a person they don't know really well?  I can't wait to hear about it.  Thanks for dropping in.

- One of you asked how to add a "Pin It" button to the bottom of each post.  Just go HERE for an awesome tutorial on how to do that.  It really was easy to follow.

- Baden loved swimming lessons on day 2.  VICTORY!!!


kimberk said...

Well I really do wish I had seen this before I decided to clean the garage today. I can check off part of the challange as I do not like to do this, nor do the children. I will accept this challange another day. Happy Wednesday.

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Oh no! I didn't mean to delete my comment! Sorry! Clearly I don't know how to use my new phone yet. Sigh.
Anyways... I did! I sent a care package to one of my favorite bloggers, who just had surgery. She loves polka dots, so I made a headband and metal frame coin purse in dots, and I knitted her a washcloth. :) It was fun!
Love reading you, Cheri!

newly blogging at

Tammy said...

I made brownies and we gave some to our neighbors we have seen around, but have never introduced ourselves to. It's nice to finally know their names. :)

~ko said...

I had grand plans and did none of them! Maybe this week? Are we allowed to play catch up? :) And can taking my boys to Chuck-e-Cheese count for this weeks? lol


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