September 18, 2012

Fabric Napkins for Kids

Let me give you a little background info to introduce today's post.  My kids don't like napkins.  They are almost insulted when I push one their way.  Rex prefers to use his shirt, which isn't my favorite.  If they really need a napkin for a spill, they use a LOT for them.  Or they might only use a tiny corner of the napkin on their mouth and then they're done.  I find a lot of barely used but questionable napkins on the table throughout the day.  

Well, I put an end to that.  I decided to make them some fabric ones.  It's easy, it's green, and you can save money on napkins.  It's win-win baby.

I tried to decide what would be the best fabric for the job.  I remembered that I had some burp clothes that were thicker and flannel that I really liked when the boys were babies.  I let Rex pick some flannel to start.  He picked this print - no shock there.

I also made some from t-shirts.  I just cut out an 11" square.  If you are unsure about sewing with knits (stretchy fabric) this would be GREAT practice for you.  If you mess up, it's just a napkin.  No biggie.

Place right sides together and sew where shown.  (Tip: I like to start in the middle of a side as shown because if you start at the corner it's a little trickier when you invert it and try to sew the hole shut.)

Clip your corners.

Invert, press, and top stitch the napkin all the way around, closing the hole as you do so.

After sewing the flannel and the knit I decided to test them out, pretending I was on a detergent or diaper commercial :)  I filled two little glasses equally high and dumped them on the floor.

I wiped up each puddle with a different napkin.  And?  The knit one was quite a bit faster to absorb the liquid.  I think the flannel will get better with more washings, but the knit was really great.

So?  Whip out those old, used t-shirts and make some napkins!  

Thanks for dropping in.

- Our shower is leaking somewhere and the water is wicking up the drywall.  Not cool.  Hello new shower.  Goodbye money I didn't want to spend on it.  Ugh.

- Want to create your own signature watermark rather then typing your blog title on every pic?  Don't have photoshop?  Check out THIS brilliant post on how to do just that.  Super smart and I'm making one.

- Rex is on HGTV's facebook page HERE as the Viking.  HGTV is doing a countdown for Halloween and you can sign up there to follow it all.


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