September 03, 2012

One GIANT Summer Recap - what you might have missed.

I know a lot of you step away from your computer for the summer months.  Well, now that we're heading into a new season, I thought it would be fun and helpful to give you a quick recap on a bunch of things.  It's a big post, so hang on.  It's like a 90 mile-an-hour drive through the last three months.  Tomorrow we'll start fresh again.

First off, we've now finished our first series of "For the Love."  It was a charity event to help out a sweet boy named Owen.  (You can read more about it HERE.)  

I was so inspired to see so many of you jump in and offer to help.  We had 12 successful auctions, thanks to these bloggers:

Dragonfly Designs

Sugar Bee Crafts

And we sold well over 70 copies of the Boy Bathroom Prints with many people giving much for than the requested amount.  Thank you for your support and excitement.

If you missed this summer, I also ran a "Mommy School" series with 3 activities per post.  They were activities that were fun and educational that you could do with young children.  We had a lot of fun with them and I know a lot of you tried out many of the activities yourself.  You can click on the logo to scroll through all the posts.

We also had Hair week and this year I chopped off all my hair.  I'm loving the extra time in the morning.

Here are a few of the bigger projects you might have missed as well.
I also added a little blurb at the end of posts called "the water cooler."  I link up random things and thoughts, just as if we were at work together chatting by the water cooler.  It's a fun way to share things that don't require a full post.

And that's a wrap.  Now we're on to a new season with lots of new ideas and projects.  I have some things I'm excited to show all of you.  Thanks for being a part of this blog.  You rock.


Colville Clan said...

No no, you rock! I appreciate all the time you take to put together the projects and to just share. With 2 boys of my own, I'm so happy I came across your blog, it's given me so many great ideas! Looking forward to what you have planned!

Anonymous said...

I really like your hair! It's so cute. I had my hair that red the end of last year. It's such a fun bold thing to do - but super high maintenance!
Just wondering - did you ever apply for craft wars on TLC? I think you would be amazing!

nest full of eggs said...

thanks for letting me participate in the for the love series :)

~ko said...

It's been a fun few months! Thanks for all the hard-work you put into this blog even in the summer months! I don't know how you do it :)

Hayley said...

Just curious, do we get to know how much we raised for little Owen? And I loved your mommy school series, we've had many a fun afternoons thanks to you!

Marilyn said...

No, no, no YOU ROCK!

Elizabeth Farnsworth said...

You are awesome!!! THanks for all you do!

iammommahearmeroar said...

Because the charity is a specific family, I didn't wan to disclose the actual amount, but we raised well over a thousand dollars. Thanks!


Candace said...

Great summer!


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