September 12, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to visit someone elderly.  I took my boys and we picked up a girl from church.  We headed to the home of a kind widow nearby.  I try to tell Rex that when you do good things, good things also come your way.  He got to see it firsthand that day.

(Important Sidenote: Rex has been begging me for almost a year to buy him a nutcracker.  I thought it was a weird request, so I've never made the purchase.  He brought it up again a couple of weeks ago and we've been checking them out at Hobby Lobby when we're there.)

So we enter this woman's home and she has over 100 nutcrackers.  Rex is floored.  I brought my guitar and we sang her some songs.  We had a great time and before we left she went to her room and brought out 3 little nutcrackers.  She gave one to each child.  Rex was SO excited.

This week's challenge is to set a goal and write it down.  It seems like people only write goals in January.  Why not September, right?  You could make your goal with an end of the year deadline.  I think it's really important to write it down.  It kind of makes it official and more serious, rather than a wish.

I love this quote and I thought these stairs were amazing.

So, did anyone get to visit someone elderly?  I'd love to hear how it went.  Thank you for being here.

- Tomorrow I'm going to give you some info on how the survey went and where things are headed.

- I think this glitter slime looks super fun (and pretty darn easy, too).  Sounds like the perfect weekend entertainment for the boys.  It's HERE at 36th avenue.


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