September 12, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to visit someone elderly.  I took my boys and we picked up a girl from church.  We headed to the home of a kind widow nearby.  I try to tell Rex that when you do good things, good things also come your way.  He got to see it firsthand that day.

(Important Sidenote: Rex has been begging me for almost a year to buy him a nutcracker.  I thought it was a weird request, so I've never made the purchase.  He brought it up again a couple of weeks ago and we've been checking them out at Hobby Lobby when we're there.)

So we enter this woman's home and she has over 100 nutcrackers.  Rex is floored.  I brought my guitar and we sang her some songs.  We had a great time and before we left she went to her room and brought out 3 little nutcrackers.  She gave one to each child.  Rex was SO excited.

This week's challenge is to set a goal and write it down.  It seems like people only write goals in January.  Why not September, right?  You could make your goal with an end of the year deadline.  I think it's really important to write it down.  It kind of makes it official and more serious, rather than a wish.

I love this quote and I thought these stairs were amazing.

So, did anyone get to visit someone elderly?  I'd love to hear how it went.  Thank you for being here.

- Tomorrow I'm going to give you some info on how the survey went and where things are headed.

- I think this glitter slime looks super fun (and pretty darn easy, too).  Sounds like the perfect weekend entertainment for the boys.  It's HERE at 36th avenue.


Susan Yates said...

Here's the source:

Found by doing this:

They're gorgeous!

Anonymous said...



I've never been much for New Years Resolutions or spring cleaning - but get me to September and I'm all about how we are going to do things Newer, Better, Different. LOVE, so much!



Tiffany said...

Only your Rex would ask for a Nutcracker, kids are so funny with their requests. Look how happy it made him, crack me up. I actually made a mental goal in my head yesterday. I do love goals, and I do love writing them down to stay focused, good one, I'm on it. Happy Wednesday!

~ko said...

Rex never fails to make me laugh! A nutcracker? Ha! I have a few goal thoughts swirling around my head. I think I will join in on this one :) And thanks for the link for the glitter slime! This will be a huge hit :)

Diane said...

I visited a widow in my neighborhood who recently had surgery. She is an absolute doll! She moved into the neighbor a few months ago, and her girls helped her decorate her new home in a very modern style. She said it was great but then took us in to her bedroom where she has her style - GORGEOUS Victorian-style furniture. Amazing pieces, and one of those old fashioned telephone where the receiver curves up toward your mouth. It was beautiful, and she was so excited to show it all off.

Amy said...

My 5 year old son also LOVES nutcrackers. We try to get him one each Christmas and he wants to touch and make the mouth move of every one we see at the stores. Funny things that make them so happy!

Denise said...

LOVED this post! My middle son begged for a nutcracker when he was 4 and we got him one for Christmas. He's now 26 and he still loves them and still gets them from us for Christmas! I think our last count was 48 and they are in all shapes, sizes and styles. It's challenging to find new, different, unique ones every year too. We display them only at Christmas time and it takes me a couple of hours to put them up each year. So beware of Rex's obsession! Hahaha!

Trinity said...

I am new to your blog and took the survey based on my two experiences visiting your blog. I had yet to accept a challenge from your wake up Wednesday, however, I am beyond elated to try this out. I also love in helping others and knowing compassion and I too believe in karma full heartedly. Today I read your challenge and it could not be more fitting for my life right now. So thank you. I feel moved, motivated and as if prayers are being answered.

Nana Jones said...

I am visiting my 80 year old Mother tomorrow. My goal, which I wrote in my journal last week, was to get the name and address of a soldier in Afghanistan who has not recieved any packages. Well I suceeded and I put the first package in the mail last Monday. I don't know her and she doesn't know me. I have adopted her for the duration of her time in Afghanistan. The thought of this makes me smile, a lot!

iammommahearmeroar said...

Thanks for the sweet comment, Trinity! Welcome to my blog. I'm so glad you found it.


iammommahearmeroar said...

WOW. What a cool idea. I bet that soldier will definitely appreciate your efforts. Thanks for sharing that with us!


Liviasmommy said...

I went to see an elderly friend who lives in another city. My husband and I moved back to our hometown a few years ago and so every time we go back to our college town we visit Bob. He has the best junk/antique shop. He's such a sweet guy, we became friends because I was in his shop like every week when I was in college. Now we exchange Christmas cards and pictures. And he has gotten a chance to meet, and get to know my little girl.


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