October 10, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to do something you've put off too long.  I had a couple of higher-priced items that didn't sell at our rummage sale this summer.  They've been sitting in our garage with the intent to list them in the classifieds.  So, I finally got my booty in gear and posted all of them.  Hopefully they will sell quickly and I can have less in my garage and more in my pocket :)

This week's challenge comes from an awesome reader - Carrie.  She suggested sharing a coupon.  Who doesn't love a good coupon?  It might mean passing one onto a stranger in the store if you aren't going to use it or it might mean mailing one to a friend.  One of my sisters used to send lots of coupons to all of us in the mail.  It's a little thing, but it's great to have a discount and even better to know someone was thinking of you.

So that's the challenge.  Share a coupon.

So, did anyone get to do something they've put off for a while?  Feel free to share your experience.  Thanks for reading.


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