November 21, 2012

Refashionista Day 8 - with A Little Gray

Today we have Jessica from A Little Gray with us.  Jessica totally impressed me when I saw her compete on Project Run and Play - especially when I saw THIS skirt and THESE pants.  She also happens to be a skilled QUILTER.  Welcome Jessica!  

When I think refashion, I think shortcuts. I like upcycling projects that are quick, simple, and use the existing features of clothing to cut corners on a new creation. And I really like refashioning with knits. Cozy as can be, and we all have old shirts and sweaters lying around. 

So today I'm going to show you how to make this super easy circle scarf for kids. My 18 month old Elsie looked like a layered up fashionista in hers as we took a fall walk around the neighborhood, and the best part was that it didn't fall off or get ripped off- she loved it!

I chose to use this weird sweater vest thing I haven't worn in ages. (When did I ever wear this thing? And when I did, was I often mistaken for the treasurer of a medieval role playing club??) I wanted a sweater knit in a neutral for the outside of the scarf, and I thought the button placket would make a nice feature on the scarf. 

I cut 7" off of the bottom hem, and cut the same width off the bottom of a pink striped t-shirt for a pop of color in the lining. The bottom of the sweater was about 18" across when lying flat, (doubled up in a circle) which was a good width to fit around her head twice. But since the t-shirt fabric wasn't quite as stretchy as the sweater, I added a couple extra inches into that circle. I happened to have another pink striped t-shirt to use for this, (don't ask me why) but it would definitely be cool to use a different color or print for this if you needed to. Just make sure you end up with two circles of fabric, with the factory hems on the bottom, that both fit twice around the child's head. 

With the outer tube still right side out and the lining tube flipped wrong side out, slip the outer inside the  lining so that the right sides are together all the way around. Line up the top raw edges- the unhemmed sides- pin and sew together with about a 3/8" seam. Don't forget to use a ballpoint needle and your favorite stretch stitch.

**When you are pinning two tubes of stretchy fabric together, always pin the two opposite points of the circles first. Then bring those pinned points together and pin the other two opposite points on the circle. You should now have the circle pinned in four places, evenly dividing it into quarters. Then continue to fill in each section with pins, distributing the stretch evenly as you go. 

Open it up and press seam allowance toward one side. 

Now fold the whole tube in on itself width wise, so that the two fabrics are now wrong sides together and the hemmed edges align. Pin all the way around again. 

Sew all the way around very close the edges, but making sure to catch both layers. Match your top thread and bobbin thread to the layers. That's it! No turning right side out or hand finishing the circle. So simple. 

You could whip up a few of these and have the perfect fall accessory to match every outfit. Also looks cute with yellow fire hydrants. By the way, that adorable crochet hat was made by my friend Erin, and you can buy one here

Thanks so much for having me on Refashionista today Cheri! It's always such a fun series, and I'm honored to be a part. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thanks Jessica!  I love all the stripes and I live in scarves, so I might need to make one of these for myself.  Want to see a little more eye candy from Jessica?  I absolutely adore THIS outfit she made her daughter and there's a lot of awesome boy sewing on her site, too.

Thanks for stopping by.


kristin said...

HI JESS! Very cute little scarf and little gal - I definitely have a giant pile of sweaters/t-shirts to refashion. Always glad for ideas!

Taylor Swim said...

My daughter would dig this scarf. She's all about scarves this season. Thanks for the idea.

Delia said...

Super cute!...the scarf and little Elsie. :)

Tommie said...

love it!!

Tommie said...

love it!!


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