Best Pink Nerf Gun for Girls in 2024

One of the best toys that kids and teenagers really love to play with nowadays is a nerf gun. What are nerf guns you may ask? Well, these are plastic toy guns designed to fire plastic foam bullets such as discs, balls or darts.

We have loads of different types of nerf guns for girls and boys in this review. We made sure to include some other color types and cool unique features, which makes this review more exciting and comprehensive.

I’m sure you can only imagine the amount of excitement kids get when hearing such a description of a toy gun and much more when actually getting their hands on one and taking part in the action.

This is definitely a great gift to consider as we can assure you that you would make no mistake in bringing fun to any kid or teen you buy this for. For instance, these guns are designed to come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors in order to suit the preference of the person you intend to buy it for, be it a girl or a boy, especially as nowadays you can even purchase exclusive pink guns!

girl holding a nerf gun toy, pink

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see girls being excited about watching action films or TV series with a lot of guns in them, which grows the interest of girls wanting to get involved in similar playful activities. Therefore by having the all new pink nerf guns for girls, it attracts more demand for them. Although this may seem like an activity only just for kids and teens, it actually is a great family bonding activity too. That’s right, even mums, dads, aunties, uncles and cousins can play too. And we all have one of them ‘i want the pink nerf gun’ type of girly girl in our families who don’t like violence right?. well with this colourway, you would even manage to convince them to play. some may also warn that these toys can be quite addictive but as long as they can help to bring families and friends together, that’s all that matters.

Playing with these toy guns isn’t just about taking down opponents but it is also a useful toy which helps kids develop certain skills as well as aiding in kids growth and development. They are known for boosting hand to eye coordination, teamwork and also active play. Although it may not seem relevant but the type of gun you have during this activity plays a bit park in your performance and other key aspects of the game. Therefore in this article, i will be reviewing 15 of the best pink nerf guns for girls to take part in the action with and also a few of other types that would be best equipped to suit a girl.

15 Best Purple & Pink Nerf Guns for Girls Reviewed In 2024


#1 Rapid Glow Blaster Nerf Rebelle Collection

This one is a specially made and a high quality toy for kids of all ages and it is also one that parents have absolutely nothing to be worried about while their children plays with this toy. The reason for this is that it is made using high quality and non-toxic materials which allow to make this gun quite safe to play with and one of the best pink nerf guns for nerf gun war. It is also designed to last a really long period of time as they added a thicker layer of plastic to its manufacturing process in order to enhance its level of durability.

As you can see from the photo below, this is specially designed to be loved by girls from 8 years upwards. This one has a slightly more rapid shooting ability thanks to its acceleration button and which leaves us with no choice but to include this one as one of the best options for a parent to buy for their young girl.

This is an image of Nerf Glow blaster


#2 Purple Nerf Rebel Secret Shot Blaster

when deciding to buy a toy nerf gun for your daughter,the first one that we would recommend is the purple nerf rebel secret shot blaster as it is one of the best entirely ones designed for girls. From the design all the way to the feel. The reason why we say the design is intended to appeal and best suit girls are because it is originally designed to look similar to a purse, but can easily convert to a four-shot blaster by the push of a button. however, although it may look girly, it is also one of the most enhanced weapons of them all as it is made to hold up to 12 darts at one time and be able to fire up to a length of seventy-five feet.

with this feature, girls would be able to go on secret undercover missions as she would be able to disguise the weapon as a purse and be able to take their enemies on by surprise. The fact that this gun has a combination of power and strength allows your little princess to also be a really dangerous opponent to play against and have all the fun she desires while in use.

This is an image of Purple toy Nerf Gun with bullets


#3 Rapid Red Blaster Nerf Rebelle

Get your kids ready for the next secret mission and equip them with this even faster-firing and more powerful weapon called the Rapid Red Blaster Nerf Rebelle gun. It has the capacity to shoot at longer distances with a handle that gives your daughter a more stable and firm hold to allow better precision and accuracy.

With this gun, young shooters are rest assured that they can take down targets as far as seventy-five feet away and thanks to its ultra acceleration button, young shooters would be able to shoot repeatedly without having to pause or reload in order to take several shots at once to take down their opponent targets. Although its called the ‘Rapid Red Blaster’ it is also equipped with a mixture of lady-like colours so it is seen as a pink and purple nerf gun to best appeal to girls as shown in the image below.

This gun comes with six message darts and six collectable darts making a total of twelve darts and it is one that requires the use of AAA batteries for operation which is not so ideal so you must be really cautious to it entering water or playing in rainy conditions.

This is an image of Nerf rapid blaster


#4 Divergent Series Nerf Rebelle Six Shots Blaster

Unlike other basic designed pink nerf guns that parents would come across when considering which one to get for their kids, the Divergent series nerf rebelle six shots blaster is one that would amaze and keep kids excited for hours. It is designed in such a way that it can shoot up to six darts repeatedly with a quick automatic reload in between. This gun, is also designed to reach the massive seventy five feet.

One impressive feature of this gun is its secret storage chamber which is used to store the darts. the main purpose of this gun is its ‘divergent’ style and colourway. This means that your daughter would be able to still get involved with the play but feel slightly superior to her opponents with a more unique looking gun. Of course it would come with instructional manuals to help them understand the reload process and how to get the best use of the six darts provided because although it looks and may feet better, it can gradually slow them down with only six darts if they do not know how to best use them.

This is an image of Nerf rebelle the divergent series allegiant six-shot blaster designed for kids


#5 Pink Crush Blaster Nerf fun Gun

This pink nerf gun comes with an impressive two in one design as it can either be used with a crossbow arm in order to assist them your daughter with her aim if she is new to the game or it can just simply be used as a gun without the detachable crossbow feature. This would allow your daughter to be able to enter practice mode and become better at aiming before getting into the actual game and also be able to use it normally once she has become more advanced.

This is why it is designed for kids of all ages as a player can be classed as a beginner level at any age. However, it is still made from real high quality and premium materials which ensures it lasts as long as possible in order to give the player as much time as they need to practice and improve before taking the crossbow feature off or moving onto t a more advanced weapon.

As a parent, we can assure you that you would have nothing to worry about as this gun safety is thoroughly tested to all extents of the safety that a beginner may need. The designed if made to make this be a pink and purple nerf toy but with a black handle. Although some may say that the black isn’t so lady-like, it still has a very cute pink tail as a reload feature to make it more appealing to a girls eye.

This is an image of Nerf rebelle pink crush blaster designed for kids


#6 Secrets and Spies Secret Shot Nerf Rebelle Pink Blaster

A young girl would really be amazed and excited just by owning and playing with this Spies Secret Shot Nerf Rebelle Pink blaster. This one is uniquely designed to have an underarm hold, similarly to the way a girl would hold her purse in that position. The double handle feature it has allows the player to be able to have a real firm hold onto the weapon so that she would be more stable when running away from danger and trying to shoot them at the same time.

It has a removable handle on it for your daughter to be able to carry it around with her in a more easier and lady-like style. This handle can also be used as a hook to hang it up somewhere to avoid leaving it lying around and them tripping over it or also be used to attach an extra strap on it so your daughter can wear it around her neck.

This would allow her to be quick to use for combat and always be ready for war even when they aren’t expecting a threat. Similar to most of them, this can also reach the seventy-five feet distance and above, depending on the weather conditions as a windy condition can allow them to reach much further. This package is equipped with a message dart and message decoder, three collectible darts and of course the instructional manual.

This is an image of Nerf rebelle secrets and spies secret shot blaster pink for kids


#7 Focus Fire Nerf Crossbow

This gun is designed in a completely different way as all the ones from before with a new aiming feature. Allowing this to be known as the nerf gun sniper. They enhanced it by including the light blue crossbow on it in order to put your daughter at a more advantage as she would be able to fire more than just bullets both at the same time. It gives them the opportunity to practice real archery at the same time as it can be used to fire them automatically or manually.  It is equipped with a double handle both with more than one function to them as the first one allows her to use it as a gun or in a bow and arrow style. Whereas, the middle one allows your daughter to shoot the bullets which means both firing techniques can be put to use at the same time and allow her to have an advantage over her opponent as they won’t know which ammunition to expect or which one to dodge first. Having both of these handles allow an increased level of accuracy too. This colourway is designed to look both pretty and dangerous at the same time which is perfect for an action-filled type of girl. It features a flip-up sight design and comes with an instructional manual, five darts, blaster and a dart rotating barrel.

This is an image of Nerf Rebelle FocusFire Crossbow for kids


#8 Bliss Nerf Toy Rebelle

Specially designed for kids of all ages, the Bliss Toy nerf rebelle gun is not only cute in looks, but also cute in the way it is designed to feel in the palm of your kids. The fact that it is a small nerf gun means that is is very portable and would allow every little girl to have so much fun to play with at any time or any place. Although it may be slightly more difficult to instantly spot its whereabouts, it is also one that parents and kids have nothing to worry about when using it as its design has no really sharp corners so that it wouldn’t hurt your daughter even if she was to misplace it and step on it by accident. IT also has a unique holding feature at the bottom to allow an extra firm grip on it so it can best fit any type of little girls hand. However, its maximum hold is of bullet is only 2 which means it can be a little slower for the action, but this doesn’t mean that it can be completely useless as it may be used to catch the opponent by surprise as a back up gun just in case she was to drop her bigger main gun.

Nerf Rebelle bliss toy designed for kids


#9 Elite Strongarm Nerf-N-Strike Blaster

One of the enticing and amazing features of this nerf blaster is its rotating, flip open six dart barrels which makes it easy to handle by hand and also flip it open easily when trying to load more darts. One feature that makes people also give more thoughts to this gun the fact that they designed it with a fifteen feet increase to its maximum bullet firing distance. That right! this gun can now shoot up to shoot down targets that are up to ninety feet away. By Pulling the trigger and sliding the reload top backwards and forwards allows this nerf gun to shoots dart really quickly but also allows your daughter to feel more useful as she would be using her hands more with it. Although this gun isn’t a pink gun, it is still aimed at and can be used by girls as some may want to feet more tougher and not so much like a lady when taking part in a dangerous game. However, its darts are soft tipped which means they do not cause as much damage as other darts and can be better suited when girls are playing against each other to reduce the risk of causing bruises to their fragile skins.

Nerf N-strike elite strongarm blaster for kids


#10 Spylight Blaster Gun

One of the most obvious and attractive feature about this toy nerf gun is its red detachable flashing light feature. This means it can be used as both a helpful aspect to find her opponents better in the dark or a safety mechanism to help her find her way back home if she was to get lost whilst playing the game. Therefore you can be assured that the safety of your daughter would be increased by choosing to buy her this gun. This light can also have other uses such as revealing secret hidden messages that her opponent may have written somewhere as a strategy to their advantage. Unlike most of the previous guns, this one can give you the option to switch between a slow and steady paced firing or a rapid bullet firing pace by a click of a button. It comes with six darts and also has a secret spy compartment to enable the player to store up an additional two darts which can fire up to the normal seventy five feet distance.

This is an image of Nerf rebelle spylight blaster for kids


#11 Cornersight Rebelle Blaster

This small gun is shaped completely different to any of the previous ones, from the way the fingers are designed to securely fit in place to the way that the bullets are positioned ready to fire. However, one of the most interesting feature about this nerf gun is its ability to bend left or right in order to fire at different angles, note the ‘Cornersight’ in the name and shown in the image below. This feature adds much more fun to the game as it allows your daughter to be firing at opponent who aren’t directly in front of them, neither directly visible to them. For instance, she could be hiding around a corner and see her opponent through the mirror targeting system and enable her to shoot them while they have no idea where the bullet is coming from or have no chance on shooting and hitting her back. Can you imagine how this may be fun?!. There is a mirror located on both sides and also it is made from a reach tough and hard plastic material so that even though it may bend, it would also never be able to break. The fact that this idea is so unique and interesting, allows a lot of manufacturers to make replicas of this product, therefore one must note that the packaging to this item is also very important when arranging to make a purchase as it is one of the main ways you can distinguish between the original to the replicas.

This is an image of Nerf rebelle cornersight blaster designed for kids


#12 Guardian Crossbow Nerf Rebelle Blaster

With the guardian crossbow nerf blaster, we can assure you that you would be very impressed as it is designed to automatically fire rotating bullets and fire arrows at the same time. This gun is really powerful and designed for a more longer reached girl who would prefer to have both hands on the gun at the same time most of the time. Although it is automatic, once it has finished shooting the first round of bullets, it requires the player to reload the bullets then pull back the slider from underneath before they begin to unleash another round of automatic spray of bullets. The maximum length it can reach is the normal seventy five feet, but it will always be unpredictable due to its automatic shooting. However, it comes with up to six darts and has a unique pink stylish look to it so that girls would feel like it is just for them.

This is an image of Nerf rebelle guardian crossbow blaster for kids


#13 Foam Darts and Dartsboard NewIsland Big League Blaster

Our choice number thirteen is not entirely a pink nurf gun, but more of a Captain America slash Optimus Prime type of weapon. We decided to include this one at ‘number 13’ to show that it is the only odd one out that we thought you might also feel may be suited to your daughters preferences. For instance, we all know how many kids love to watch the Transformers and the Avengers wishing they had a chance to be like them. Well with this gun you would be able to let their imaginations come to life and feel like they’re in the movie. This gun allows them to shoot up to four suction bullets ideally so that they would stick to its target and form a slight distraction in order to give her the chance to go in with the main shot.  Although it may look like it is too enhanced and thick, it is actually really lightweight so it can be carried around in the pocket or a special gun holding compartment without any hassle. This does not mean that it is not a really strong gun too as its equipped with really durable plastic to keep it in good condition for a longer lifespan. So go on! Give your kids the chance to fight Mega Tron with this Mega nerf gun!

This is an image of league blaster gun with foam darts and dartboard designed for kids


#14 Secrets and Spies 4 Victory Nerf Blaster

This small nurf gun is mostly designed to be a backup gun so that your daughter would always be ready for any type of opponent, even the little ones. it is designed not to require reloading as kids would be able to shoot up to four darts at the same time with this blaster. It is one that is recommended for kids of all ages and one that is certified safe for kids as it has no real feature which can cause any harm to your kid. it has a long and comfortable handle which is designed for a quick withdrawal. The light blue tab at the top allows them to have a more realistic gun feel to using the gun so they feel like they’re using a real gun. It is also made with a real high quality plastic material so it would not easily break even if it was to drop hard on the concrete ground. It comes with a decoder which helps it to also become a tool that breaks down secret messages and last but not least it may be small but it can undoubtedly reach the desired seventy five feet distance.

This is an image of Nerf rebelle secrets and spies blaster for kids


#15 Lumanate Nerf Rebelle Blaster

Finally, we have reached our last choice of gun that we have chosen to write about for you. Yes, we know its not exactly a gun but as you can probably tell from its actual colors, it would be best suited for a girl. We have included a lot of bigger nerf guns that we decided to choose another small top to widen the range of choices you have to make. Anyway, this one is called the Lumanate Nerf Rebelle Blaster. The reason we chose to include this gun is that we thought both you and your daughter would love the glow in the dark bullets that it has. This means that when playing in a darker environment, your daughters gun would look as if she is shooting light blue rays at her opponents. Although it is designed in such a way that it only shoots one dart at a time, it still has the ability to self charge the glow in the dark bullets as your daughter plays. Lastly, compared to most of the other guns that we have shown you, its firing range is slightly higher at eighty five feet which is really impressive for a small gun.

This is an image of rebelle nerf lumanate blaster for kids



Benefits of Playing with Nerf Guns

Playing with guns has statistically revealed that kids develop quite a range of beneficial skills which may lead into them growing up with more confidence, these skills include:

  • The first and most important skill that we believe kids benefit from by playing with guns is the skill to be more confident. As a parent, I am sure that you would love to see your daughter be confident to share her thoughts and feelings with other people instead of growing up to be a shy girl who you find difficult to understand or communicate with, especially when shes going through touch problems that life has waiting for her. For example, dealing with a first break-up.
  • Make believe skills – This implies to imitating the role of a particular character when playing. This is really important for kids as it enables them to go beyond when using their imagination and put it into practice. For example, kids might choose to be a cartoon character such as Bugs Bunny whilst playing this game which allows them to run wild with their imagination as because Bugs Bunny isn’t known for shooting a gun
  • Role playing skills – Assuming the role of their favourite character is another trait that is familiar with kids when playing with a nerf gun. For example, they could pretend to be a Star Wars or a Transformer Character which can help in building their cognitive skills.
  • Communication skills – This game helps kids to be more communicative as they would always be on the move and have to know of their partners or opponents whereabouts. This game involves listening and speaking in different tactical languages which results your kids learning new phrases, words and actions which is why these toy guns can also be seen as educational toys by some parents.
  • Social and interaction skills – Dramatic play also allows kids to learn how to interact with one another. This is a very important skill to have as your daughter grows up because it allows them to become more socially loved by their peers. This means that she would most likely make a lot more friends and not grow up to isolate herself.


To conclude this article, we would recommend that the best pink nerf gun that you should buy for your daughter is our option number 11. This is simply because of the unique mirror feature that it comes equipped with. Not only would this give them more to think about and when playing the game, it would also make them better coordinated when it comes to their angles. Also, every young girl love mirrors right? whether to check up on their make up or to help them brush on their insecurities. Therefore, even if you were to buy this gun and they did not completely enjoy the main reason for it, then they can alternatively use it as an additional mirror in their room which means it would never completely be a useless girl..

We hope that this review has been beneficial to assist you in making a decision about the best one for you to purchase for your daughter whether or not you decide to go for our recommendation.  Thank you for taking time to read our review and please leave us a good comment.