December 05, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last month's Wake Up Wednesday challenge was to write down what you were thankful for each night.  It was helpful to end the day on an uplifting note.  I've needed the extra push to stay positive lately.  It's been over two months of feeling sick all the time.  I even wake up in the night a lot due to heartburn and reflux.  However, the point is, I have way more to be thankful for than to complain about.  My grandpa Norb used to say, "If that's all the worse you got it, then you got it made."  Amen grandpa :)

This week's challenge - or rather this month's for us - is going to be to carry out our good deed advent.  If you don't know what I'm talking about it's HERE.  We're doing little acts of service each day to celebrate  Christmas.  The boys and I have started and I figure I'll just report some of our fun experiences each week.

So far the boys have cleared the dinner table, visited an elderly couple, and bought a gift for the new baby.  I've changed up the list a little.  I really want them to be excited about this baby, so I thought that letting them pick out a gift would be fun.  They walked up and down the aisles of the toy store the other day and finally settled on a cute shape toy that they figured would be good for a girl or boy.

This is our third year using Rolos as our treat in the advent calendar.  I secretly hope the as the boys grow older and they see a Rolo that they will think about doing something kind for others.

I hope you're already having a great Christmas season.  Thanks for stopping by.


Colville Clan said...

The sick is pretty horrible, mine lasted for 5 and 7 months with my two pregnancies. The way I looked at it, it means the baby is healthy, makes it just a little easier to bear. :-) I sure hope it leaves you sooner though, no fun when you have some littles around to care for as well as yourself!

~ko said...

I love how you are training your boys to have such kind and tender hearts! Excellent job momma! And I'm praying that your second trimester will bring preggo bliss! Ugh! Being sick with two little men to care for is no easy task. I'm amazed that you still get posts up!

rachkatt said...

Oh, I really like the idea of using the same treat so that it can serve as a reminder in the future of those good deeds!! I secretly hope it works! Or not so secretly haha. Keep on keeping on, and inspiring us along the way :)

Diana said...

I took the challenge of writing down something each night that I was grateful for and it was a good way to keep things in perspective. Thanks for your challenges. Although I don't always follow through with each one, it helps me be in a service-oriented frame of mind, and I need that!

When I read about using the Rolos as a treat to associate with doing good, I had to share our good works treat. After cleaning the church on Saturday morning a few years ago, we took our kids to get donuts and made homemade "Jamba Juice". We did this a few times, and the kids caught on: clean the church, get donuts. Now, my four year old especially, asks when we are going to clean the church, because he wants donuts! The best part is that they really get excited about the cleaning aspect as well. They may not be the best or most efficient cleaners, but we are hoping to instill in them a love of the church and a habit of hard work early on.

Jana Banana said...

I love your Wake Up Wednesdays and I love the advent idea. Thanks for sharing it. I'm thinking I'll gear up to do it next year, when my little one is 3.5 and new baby has first Christmas.

Love your blog, and Congrats on your pregnancy!

p.s. My grandpa had the same the wisdom. :)

nana said...

Another good one. Sorry about your sickness, though. My children had lifesavers (mini-sized)that they associated with doing good things. My own grandparents started it without realizing they were creating a good habit of goodness. They were handy because they had them on hand due to a business giveaway. They still recall those greatgrandparents as well when they have a lifesaver occasion.

Jeanette said...

If you can try gum for the reflux try chewing after eating if you can. I pray you get better soon. I had bad sickness with my daughter from 3 months until the day I had her....ugh! But she was worth all of it and now she has her own two babies.

Delia said...

Hugs to you! I hope you start to feel better soon!

Tanea said...

When I was pregnant, my pre-natal yoga instructor recommended Papaya Enzyme Chewables for heartburn. They worked fabulous!! I always kept some by my bed since I had really bad heartburn at night. I would also recommend getting the straight papaya, some of them have pineapple in it and I don't think pineapple would help heartburn. You can find them at natural food stores or online. They also taste really good too!


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