December 12, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

As I mentioned last week, I'm just going to share some experiences from our Good Deed Advent for the Wake Up Wednesdays in December.

This week we went through all the boys toys and donated a bunch of them.  The boys were pretty willing to do it, which made me really happy.  I've also tried to adjust the challenges as opportunities have come up.

The other day Rex said they were collecting money at school for children who didn't have anything.  He asked if he could have some money to take to school.  Then he said, "Nevermind, Mom.  I have my own money I can give."  He headed upstairs and came down with his earnings.  He took a fair amount of it to school.  I was so proud of him.

There are a billion moments in motherhood when you feel like you're failing, but there are also some sweet moments like this that make you think you just might be doing alright.

Have you had any special Christmas experiences this year?  I would honestly love to hear about them.  Feel free to share them in the comment section.  Thanks for reading.


Meghan with Creative Crafting Corner said...

That is so sweet! You are doing a great job as a mom! Mine is only 18 months, but one little thing he does to make me proud is loves our dog. He is gentle with her and smothers her with hugs and kisses. And crackers!

Palak said...

Awww so sweet of Rex. Meg is right-- you are a great mom!

~ko said...

Yay Rex! I've been having more failing moments this week then good ones to be honest. Trying to teach our eldest the goodness of not always going first. There was a little saving grace this morning when he let his little brother open the advent calendar door and whispered to him "it's really all about Jesus". Although now that I typed that out I'm thinking he said that to discredit the fun his little brother had of opening the door....oy vey! Nevermind. Yay Rex! And happy Wednesday to you momma!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome to hear! I will definitely be doing a toy drive at my house every year. (have to have the LO first though :)

moonbat said...

The daughter is in college (first year) and she texted me last Friday, "How do I spend my Friday evenings when I should be sleeping, studying or - according to others - partying? I go to (one of the local art museums) and look at all the prettiness, so worth it! Thank you for raising me with art!'

That pretty much made my Christmas season.

The Miller Five said...

Great job Cheri! You are an awesome mom and I love reading about your super sweet boys.

Unknown said...

This year we are going through our toys and donating a good chunk of them before Santa arrives. I plan on doing this with my children and letting them choose which toys they want kids that have no toys to have.

Unknown said...

Yes! My children are old enough, I think, to understand charity on some level (they're 2 and 4)and I'm bound and determined to not let them reach their preteen years as entitled or spoiled brats. I spent the Spring and Summer perusing blogs (including yours) for ideas for our Christmas Advent. Here are some activities we've done so far:

*Operation Christmas Child - shoebox full of small gifts for needy children
*Make care packages for the homeless and give them out when we see someone in need (one of my favorites, so far!), and we had the chance to give one away while visiting the lights at Temple Square in SLC
*Adopt a Family - we did this as an extended family in lieu of a gift exchange among siblings and cousins and had the opportunity to deliver in person this week.
*Ronald McDonald House Adopt a Meal - we provided, prepared and served dinner to the families staying at our local Ronald McDonald House - my MOST favorite and one we'll do continuously!

Months later I couldn't begin to give credit to the sources of all these wonderful ideas, but I did NOT come up with any of them on my own and am SO grateful for blogs just like this, where ideas are shared. My kids are seeing the true magic of the Christmas season!

Jess said...

I started this with my three year old. He was so excited he tried to give everything away. We even donated some books that we have duplicates of or that are too young for him now.


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