December 19, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday


So I really am still alive.  It's been a weird couple of months.  I feel so disconnected and I miss you guys.  I'm 15 weeks along, but the morning sickness just hasn't gone away.  I just haven't felt like me for a long time.  Anyhow, blah-blah-blah-wah.  On with Wake Up Wednesday.

Our good deed advent experiences this week that were most memorable were leaving notes for daddy around the house and then a man we visited.  Rex was really excited to write notes to daddy all by  himself.  He still needs help spelling, but he didn't want ideas on what to write.  It's fun to hear what is in his head.  "Thanks for taking me places."  "Thanks for being my Dad."  Rex just completely adores his daddy.  He has this fierce loyalty to him that's really endearing.  He couldn't wait for his dad to get home so he could help him find all the notes around the house.

Yesterday we visited a man who lives a couple of blocks away.  He's a member of our church, but I've never met him since he's quite old and can't leave the house.  We picked up a few other kids in the neighborhood and went over to decorate a Christmas tree for him.  We sung some Christmas songs, too.  He told us we made his Christmas.  I think the kids were touched by it too.  One of the boys on my car asked me if we could do that every year.  Oh yes.  We can.

I think Christmas is made beautiful by the little connections we make with each other.  We touch each other's lives in small ways and it makes everything brighter.  It gives up hope and makes up want to keep going.  "Christmas is love in action."

Thanks for reading and staying with me here.


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