January 12, 2013

Soapbox Saturday - Zulily

I remember having seen a lot of online ads for Zulily, but I had never really checked it out.  Until Katy from No Big Dill mentioned it was where she got these leggings.  I thought they'd be cute for a girl or boy so I headed off to the site.

Since then, Zulily has become one of my favorites.  I actually purchased 85% of the boys' Christmas presents there.  Isn't online shopping so nice?  Oh yes.

So, I thought I'd tell you about the site, in case you haven't been there.  If you need an invite, just click HERE.  (In the spirit of full disclosure, if you sign up and buy something I get a $20 credit there.  This isn't because I'm a blogger.  If you sign up and tell your friends, you get the same bonus.  Sweet, huh?)

So basically Zulily has several sales a day and they last around 3 days.  It might be a cool brand of boys clothing....

....or some chic maternity clothes...

....or some ridiculously cute baby stuff....

....or some creative kids toys, home decor stuff, or anything else you can imagine.  

These are all things I found there this week.  (No my sweet husband, I didn't buy any of them.)  There's lots of good stuff.  You get an daily email telling you what the new sales are.  If anything interests you, you can click on it and browse through the sale.  If not, just delete the email.  Easy peasy.

And now that I know what the baby is, I might just have to make a couple little purchases :)  To visit/sign up, just go HERE.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Have always seen this site, but never visited...just signed up...we shall see, looks like some cute stuff!

  2. Just signed up too! Might have too much fun browsing for our little jellybean. :) Are you as excited as I am about buying cute little baby flower headbands now?! :) haha

  3. I'm not sure if they've changed, but most of the orders I've placed have extreme delays in shipping. The pending charges on your bank account drop after 14 days and then they actually charge when the item ships (most of the time around 4 weeks later). I stopped using them because of this. I'm sure not a big deal to most. But just a little warning from a previous Zulily junkie.

  4. I love Zulily, but I don't like the amount of time it takes to receive items. It may not be a huge deal, but if you are buying the item for a birthday or etc, it may not arrive in time. :( I do agree though, Zulily has some amazing things!

  5. I have to agree with the previous commenter, the shipping is SLOW! This is because you place the order, then Zulily waits for the 'sale' to end before giving the orders to the supplier. Then the supplier has to fill all the orders and send them to Zulily. Then Zulily has to process all of that stuff, and only THEN can they ship your order to you.

    Also, there are NO RETURNS. I just received 2 pairs of black leggings (as I'd ordered shoes for my son and had free shipping for the rest of the day) and when I got them, they're totally not what I was expecting. And now I can't return them. They were pretty inexpensive ($15 for 2 pair) so I'll take mine to the consignment store and make at least some of my money back. But now I still don't have any leggings, and I waited a long time for those to come. Frustrating. I will never order clothing for myself there again.

    1. I'm not positive on their return policy because it's kind of vague... but it says to contact customer service if you're disappointed with your order (whatever that means). Maybe you could possibly return...? I can't stand a no return policy especially online, you don't truly know what you're getting until it comes.

  6. Oh those clothes are just too cute!! I'm going to have to check them out for my nephew.

  7. LOVE Zulily! We got lots of our Christmas presents there too. Yes, the shipping is super slow and there are no returns, but you can get some great deals! Now they are offering a year of shipping for only $50 which is a GREAT deal, especially if you order from them frequently!

  8. Oh, Cheri!!! I am so, so, so excited that you're having a baby girl. What a blessing. I'm so glad she's healthy and that you're feeling so much better. I can hardly wait to see what you create for her.

    I love your blog. I have a cousin in CA that I haven't seen in 5 years, or talked to for that matter (we're just blog friends now), and she reads your blog. It's really meaningful to me when you share your love of family and God here because I know she partakes of your awesomeness.

    Hooray for baby girls! I just signed up for zulily and I'm afraid I'll like it too much!

  9. LOVE Zulily and Totsy! The shipping might be slow, but the deals are amazing. Haven't ever bought anything for myself, but we have certainly taken advantage for the kiddos. I just make sure I'm thinking far enough ahead!

  10. I found a shirt for Jackson there that said "Jackson est 2012" ... the smallest size I could get was a 2t so it won't fit for a while but man it just killed me! Cute/manly deer graphic as well. I also got Nicole's sunday coat and boots there. Just ordered some shoe wing things (among other stuff) for my nephew for his birthday! They actually do ship to Canada, yay! :)

  11. The Zulily sales are great, but their lack of returns kills it for me. I bought a bunch from them last fall into November, had to wait forever, and a few things for me totally did not fit. I probably have around $100 in products that didn't fit that I gave away to my lucky friends. I also have a few things that sorta fit which I wouldn't have purchased had I been able to try them on. The kids stuff has mostly fit them, though. There were two items I bought for my son that were too small, though, and that was a good $40 out the door on him. They were the right sizes in the real world. He is 9 and I bought a pair of size 10 pants. They were too small in the waist on my skinny kid and almost too short. That was it...I am done with them now.

  12. Anonymous16.1.13

    I don't like the fact that you HAVE to sihn up just to visit the site, and that by signing up you accept there terms of use... I just want to take a look before I agree to anything...

  13. I belong to Zulily, as well as Totsy.com, which is extremely similar. I am expecting a baby girl in March, and have purchased a few good deals there, like reusable diapers for $10.99. I have not returned anything, though, but the terms of the site do make it sound like a hassle, so I keep that in mind when shopping. It does take awhile to ship, I've had it be up to 3 weeks, but they state that too, so I keep that in mind as well. From my experience, most things arrive in 2 weeks or so. Despite the shipping/return inconvenience, I still think it has some great deals sometimes, and I find out about brands/companies I would not have heard about otherwise! Glad to see others like it too! (And almost got those fox tights too!!!) :)


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