January 30, 2013

What I Love Wednesdays - My Favorite Vacation

So, these Wednesday topics are going to be kind of random - other than the fact that they all include things I really love.  Today I thought I'd tell you about my favorite vacation I've ever been on.

About a year before we had Rex we went on a trip to Belize.  We had heard that taking a trip before you start your family was a great idea and even though it was a lot for us to spend, we decided to go for it.  I hadn't heard much about Belize, and for that reason I was intrigued.  I'd say it's more popular now (7 years later) and lots of cruise ships stop there.  However, it's well worth its own visit.

I purchased the Frommer's guide to Belize and read the entire thing before we went.  I love to plan trips.  The Frommer's guides are amazing because they tell you about every little hotel in existence with detailed info on all of them.  It's great for budget planning.  They also tell you about all the less-known but amazing sites in the area.  

I decided that I would rather have us stay in cheap, dumpy places and spend all our money on the adventures.  There's a LOT to do there and I wanted to try it all.  

We spent 2 days on a little island first.  We went snorkeling off a sailboat.  The coral reef there is incredible.  There's tons to see.  We got to pet nurse sharks (they aren't mean) and swim through the reef as if it were a maze.  (Sorry - no underwater pictures.  I didn't get to scan them in.)

We went parasailing behind a boat.

Then we headed back to the mainland.  We went tubing down a river that passes through caves.

We drove dirt roads leading to amazing hidden waterfalls and caves where there wasn't another soul around.

We saw some amazing ruins.

We zip-lined through the jungle.

We visited their zoo, which was really cool.  It's a basic fence like you see here around all the animals.

Even the dangerous animals are just right there in front of you.

The trip was really action packed.  You see, I love doing things on vacations.  That's why I picked Belize.  My husband, on the other hand, prefers to relax and do very few things.  This wasn't his favorite trip.  He liked it, but he'd pick a nicer place with more laying by the pool in his perfect world.  He was very kind and let me pick everything that time around.

So, what's been your favorite trip ever?  I am excited to be able to travel a little more when the kids get older.  I love seeing new places.

Thanks for dropping in.


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