January 16, 2013

What I Love Wednesdays - Valentines

First off, I didn't mean to tease you telling you I was going to show the playroom changes yesterday.  A review post I had done ended up being scheduled for that date instead.  Today is What I Love Wednesday, so I'll be back tomorrow with the playroom stuff.

Since my kids have been old enough to give out valentines, Valentine's day has become more fun to me.  Here's a little round up of fun valentines to make for your kids to hand out.  A couple are the ones we did the last two of years and then I added some others I found browsing in blogland.  While there are some cute phrases out there, I like to make sure the actual candy/item is something a kid would really want.  Here we go.

1) I came up with THIS kiss Valentine for Rex a couple of years ago.  This was my favorite, but he probably wouldn't be willing to pose like this for me now that he's a little older.

2) THIS Valentine from Landee See Landee Do is a fun, different take on that one everyone did a few years ago with the child's hand holding the sucker.  My boys would think this was hilarious.

3) This "Don't Ever Change" Valentine found HERE one made me laugh, since it's such a classic yearbook phrase.  Plus, my kids think that chocolate money is the coolest stuff ever.  These would be a real hit.

4) THIS "You Rock" Valentine was what I came up with for Rex last year.  There's something fun about pop rocks.

5) Lastly, THIS glowstick Valentine found HERE is a nice break from sugar, but still cool.

Want more ideas?  Last year I did a round up of different valentine ideas that you can find HERE.

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