February 19, 2013

3 Years of Blogging - then and now

I told my husband the other day that my blogiversary was coming up.  He said, "Two years, right?"

I said, "No, three."



Today it's been three years since I began and I never would have guessed what would become of it.  I had no idea how much I would love it and how much of a part of my life it would be.

Thank you for your support and friendship.  Without you it wouldn't really be blogging.  These ties we've made have meant a lot to me and I am so grateful for the chance I've had to live this dream I never knew I had.

So, I thought it would be fun to take a little look at the very beginning.  This is how old Rex and Baden were when I began.  Rex was only 2.

Baden was about 8 months old.

And in three years I've gone from short hair...

...to long hair....

....to super short hair.  (I still don't have a great picture of the way my hair is right now.  I never remember to have my husband take pictures for me, so it's always a self-photo with my go-go-gadget arms.)

We've gone through lots of different headers.  This was my first.

And this one hung around for a while.

Over the years my taste has changed and some of my older tutorials are kind of funny to me now.  But most things have stayed the same.  Baden still gives this same dirty look.

And I'm still learning a lot.

There have moments where I thought about giving up.  There have been comments that kind of hurt.  There have been times when I'm just plain worn out.  However, YOU have made it well worth it.  I still get excited to show you the next project.  Sometimes I get emails from you that make my day.  Sometimes you send me links to things you think I'd like.  I am always touched by the kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity of my readers.

You are great friends to have.  So thanks for hanging with me through it all and coming by for a visit.


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