February 14, 2013

How to Make an iPad Case (or any other case for any other device really)

Not long ago my husband was given a gift through his business.  It was an iPad mini, but he already had an iPad that he uses for his business.  That was a complete score for me (evil laugh) because it became mine and I never thought I'd have an iPad.  I've brought it with me places, but without a case I don't feel comfortable letting it sit in the black hole that my purse is.  So, I made a case for it.

It's not a hard project.  You just need some scrap leather and a sewing machine and you can whip one out pretty quickly.  Here's how I made it.

I purchased a big piece of leather a couple of years ago and I'm still using it on projects.  It's lasted forever.  I also pulled out a tiny piece I had of brown leather.  The leather I used here is pretty thick, stiff stuff.  (You could also use felt with this tutorial, since it doesn't fray.)

Time out for a real life shot.  Can you tell my boys like the iPad even more than I do?  Good thing I love them.  Eeewwww.

So I started by cutting a long strip of leather about an inch wider than my iPad and double the length of it.  (If you don't have a piece of leather that long you could turn your device the other way and use a wider piece that's not as long.)

I made sure it would cover it entirely once sewn up the sides.

I also cut a small rectangle from the other color to be the closure strap.

I cut a small rounded piece out on the front and back to make it easy to pull out the iPad.

I sewed around the three edges of the strap, attaching velcro at the end and then sewed the edge of the last side to the backside of the case.  

I kept putting the iPad in it to test it out and get it to fit just right.  I figured out where the matching velcro should go so that the iPad would be strapped in tightly.  Once everything looked right I sewed across the top (individually on each piece) just for looks and then I sewed up the sides.

I used black thread and I wasn't crazy about how it looked so I decided to paint the edges of the leather with some Martha Stewart paint.  That paint works on any surface and it's actually really awesome stuff.

 I added a covered button for looks on the strap.

And now she's ready to come along with me.

Thanks for reading.


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