Best Long Johns for Kids 2024

The winter has come and its looming over, your once summer nights are far-gone and like in Narnia with its piercing chill and seemingly death dealing coldness, its time to find a solution to your problems. So, you don’t have a lion fleece to fight against the wicked winter coldness and you’re trying to get a simpler solution to it all and you have decided to get some long johns instead of anything more drastic, which is a sensible idea and the children will applaud your wise-ways.

boy and girl in a red set of long johns Long Johns are a super warm amazing kids product and are a great way to fight against the cold and personally, I have experienced loads of times where they’ve felt like the difference between life and death. Some places can get under -30 and the only way to survive from A to B is to make sure you’re undergarments are well designed to ensure the safest of travels. For example – I know those trip’s up piste to the summits of the mountain-tops ever year can be perfect, but again the harsh environments require thermal wear, it is essential to make the trip a success, so whatever the reasoning for getting your long johns it’ll never be regretted as long as you get a decent pair.

Long John’s, for those not already in the know, act like insulators to keep heat in and prevent it being lost wastefully, especially if it is in short supply, which I am guessing it is especially if you’re here trying to find a pair. So, the varying quality comes down to material and the general rule is the better the quality of material the better the thermal insulation and will basically ensure your warm when it is cold.

The material usually used in the united states is either cotton or cotton-polyester, but there is some higher quality, like 100% wool or others like merino wool, which give a better level of comfort to the user in my opinion.

Sometimes you might want to get slippers from to go with long johns as they are the perfect accompaniment, dickmarcinko has a large selection of slipper to choose from and is ideal for kids with big feet.

Long johns have traditionally come from England in the 17th century and the story goes that a man who was a famous knife fighter wore long underwear whilst he fought, which is where the term “long-johns” came from. OK, so now you have a little history and context for this soon to be purchased and I feel it’s only right to share my views on the best available long-johns out at the moment both for price and quality.


Material – Having the right material to suit the child’s surroundings is essential and different fabrics react differently when used. Some are cool in heated environments and others maintain warm in cold, like 100% polyester and cotton. Polyester is warm in cool and clammy and overbearing in hot circumstances, unlike cotton which reacts ideally under both.

Price – Choose a pair not because of the price but for functionality, because if you’re stuck up a mountain and cold then this might be a deep regret. Somethings have a value that is priceless and being warm is one of them.

ClimateSmart Crew neck LongJohns 

kid wearing black long johns

The 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex, and these Climatesmart set are strong and can be worn over and over with stretchable seems. This quick-dry pair will quickly go from wet to ready for wearing and is ideal for cool climates and outdoor activities.

Washing these can be really easy and drying too, which is sometimes important, especially if your planning to use in remote areas around the U.S.

These are not ideal for hot climates and your child will find them very clammy because they soak up moisture and don’t release the absorbed so easily. Another factor to consider is that these are highly flammable and melt at medium temperatures.

This dark colored set is lightweight in design and the material is lovely to the skin. The seams are by far the best in this range and offer a long wear and tear than others, its both super-smooth and flawless in design. The encased stretch will keep things all held in place and maintain a high standard of comfort, even in the on/off process.

Some people I know are using these instead of pajamas and can offer both outdoor thermal wear to keep them warm outside or even a pair to help those little kids who like to kick all the blankets off at night and end up with a cold because of it.

The neck and wrist lining impressed me and seemed less likely to stretch when large pressure could be applied and for those with extreme sports in mind you’d probably prefer something more durable and will not break at the first sign of weakness.



32 Degrees

boy in black long johns

This long sleeved long john is a low-end buy and comes cheaper than some reviewed, simply because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it won’t serve the purpose at hand and with the heat retention being absorbed/maintained at 32° this should ensure most cold environments, but again be sensible with how cold you go.

The material is made of 4% spandex, 37% acrylic and 25% rayon. This mix of material is a unique combination and different from other brands, but like some elements when mixed together become stronger, the same principle I think applies here.

The quick-dry material helps to get them back out and ready for the next days use or maybe they only have only one pair and it needs to last the weekend camping, either way, the quick-drying comes in handy.

There is an anti-static function and is one of the benefits of this specific long john and maintains comfort at the 32° range avoiding interference with static from electricity.



City Threads Boys

grey pair of long johns

This higher long john is ensured with supreme quality, especially when it is made in the USA, which might be music to the ears of some, keeping things produced local, ensuring quality and giving jobs to those at home who desperately need it.

These City Threads are cool and very comfy with fabric that breathes freely. These are different than the 100% polyester material types, which we reviewed earlier and that these both suited for cooler climates and warmer. The maintain and insulate in winter and release in summer and generally, this is why they are more expensive in comparison.

The can be easily washed, but they will need an iron afterward and drying takes longer the 100% polyester material.

The material is 50/50 both polyester and cotton, which is nice to the skin and offers a level of comfort that is both practical and luxurious, but without losing its role of insulation. I personally like this mix, it’s light in weight and offers great layering in times of need, whether lounging around the house or for those mountain climbing expeditions.

The material is made with no harsh dyes that some manufacturers can sometimes use for cost-cutting, which is good for those kids that suffer from mild skin allergies, but again clarify in detail if your child does have any rare conditions.

This pair will keep going wash after wash and time after time with a USA standard, both top-quality and stitching alike, its a pair to be proud of.



Fruit of the Loom

a grey set of long johns

This is a well-known brand and has definitely lasted the test of time. I remember when my children were at school and the tag at the back would have the “fruit of the loom” logo. I would have to put the kid’s name on the tag in thick black because the amount of mix-up’s at gym time was unreal. Funny but true, this underwear thermal is tag-free and will not irritate the neck, but if they are using for school take heed and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The material is 100% polyester and although the material is not the highest in standard the durability makes up for the lacking in luxury, but hasn’t this always been the way in such matters. This can be washed and washed and yes even washed again, because this is meant to last and the good thing is its never seen so can get a little tatty but its main function still works, keeping your precious one warm.

The snug fit and exposed waste band will make sure they hold position and even under the most extreme conditions hold their place, which will give the long lasting comfort and effortless maintenance, even when sledding down a mountain.

The material and design will keep the child warm, due to the way the material wicks moisture, which is essential when doing extreme sports and sweating profusely.

This long john set will be a great low-end buy and will do what it’s the main purpose is, it’ll ensure warmth, safety and keep them happy in those harsh, testing environments, which is why this comes recommended as a good pair.



Best Overall Pick

The organic cotton long johns are by far the best in quality and design with its 100% cotton material and strong seams. This is a little more expensive, but if you’re looking for a well-made product and good finish it is the one for you and although City Threads are a close second Sara’s Prints is a better product, so the choice is yours and depending on where you stand may you find what you’re looking for in both.

set of kids long johns




Best Budget Pick

The all ClimateSmart Crew neck LongJohns are the best bang for the buck and offer a great quality for the price. The material is polyester, which has always been a good material for durability. I like the concept of it being able to be used, washed and worn again quickly. The quality stitching makes this a great budget pick in terms of long johns for kids.

kid wearing black long johns