February 11, 2013

San Diego Trip Recap

So you may notice that I didn't post the last two days.  We actually went on a little family trip.  You see we had this golden little window - baby still inside me, no napping kids, no diapers, etc - so we took it. I'm really glad we did.  We made some great memories and I have no idea when we'll really be able to do another family trip.

So here's the recap if you want to hear about it.  I really wanted to take the boys to Legoland, since I've heard that this is a great age for it.  They've never been to Disney and had nothing to compare it to.  

I searched on the internet a lot before buying tickets and finally found San Diego Go Passes on Costco's web site.  (I can't find them there any more though.  Maybe they'll come back?)  The passes gave us entry into a billion different places for 3 days only.  That's exactly how long we were going to stay and it had all the places we wanted to go so it was perfect and it saved us a lot of dough.

We also wanted to hit these locations during a not-so-busy time of year.  The weather was chilly as times, but I would take that over long lines any day.  Legoland was awesome.  If my kids were much older I probably wouldn't have thought so, but they were at the perfect age for it.  The rides were pretty mellow, so even I could ride most of them pregnant.  (Don't worry.  They were extremely mellow.)  We had no lines and a sunny day.  It couldn't have been better.

Legoland was super clean and the employees were really nice.  I'm glad we only planned to spend one day there, though.  We had plenty of time to ride pretty much everything.

The next day we hit the San Diego Zoo.  Now I see why people rave about it.  That place was incredible.  Rex was really excited to see a panda, after he'd learned about them in school. 

There's a sky tram, moving platforms, tons of animals (obviously), bus tours, and the grounds are absolutely gorgeous.  (We didn't get to the safari park since we didn't have enough days to do it, but I've heard that's pretty cool too.)  We thought the zoo itself would be more exciting to our boys.  We had some really cold, rainy weather that day so we had to retire a little early.

Later in the day when the rain stopped we saw Balboa Park and walked along the beach.  The boys had never been to a beach before and we thought Rex needed to see it.  Why?  Because the other day he told me he's never getting married and he's going to live on the beach.  Now he's at least seen one :)

The last day we hit SeaWorld.  I preferred Legoland overall, but there were some amazing things at SeaWorld as well.  I loved the whale show and at the end of the day we actually got to touch the dolphins.  The dolphins are in this pool at the front and sometimes they come up to the surface and you can pet them.  We had come to the pool a few times that day without any luck, but right before we left we each got our chance.  We were way too into it to snap a picture.  It was awesome.

And that's out trip in a nutshell.  It was worth the 11 our drive each way.  We ranked this trip as 10 times better than the little cruise we did last year.  We're learning :)

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