February 13, 2013

What I Love Wednesday - a little more about food and then I'll zip it

Thanks for all your comments on last week's What I Love Wednesday post.  Some of you had great stories, ideas, and inspiration.  We've been digging in deep trying to figure out the best way for our family to be healthier.  Here are a few random things I've found or re-found this week that I love.

A couple of you mentioned the blog "100 Days of Real Food" in the comment section last week.  I spent some time over there and there was a lot of great info.  While we are trying to cut out a lot of processed stuff, we are trying to figure out the best way to make those changes for ourselves and our kids.  We aren't to the point she's at, but there are still some great ideas.  

Eating healthy while on our trip was a lot more tricky.  I just googled "healthy cuisine" and the city we were in and there were some really cool paces listed that I never would have found.  Now I need to google that for our city and see what it pulls up.

We only packed fruit, nuts, and some seeds in our car while traveling.  We stopped at a Trader Jo's to load up on more stuff like that.  I have always packed more "junk"and treats in the past for our road trips.  I felt a lot less sick at the end of the day than I remember feeling after other car trips.

We've been doing a lot of juicing.  I got my husband a juicer for his birthday a few weeks ago.  The green juices aren't as tasty, but it's cool to be drinking all those nutrients at once.  We've been making THIS one.  (Ha!  I should take a picture of my husband like this with his juice.  He is in love with his juicer.)

We don't plan on cutting grains, but we're branching out with different kinds to have more variety in our meals - quinoa, lentils, beans, whole grain rice, etc.

I haven't even started with soups yet, but I'm excited to.  I served a mission for the LDS church (Mormons) in Portugal which means I lived there for a year and a half.  They make amazingly delicious, healthy soups there.  I dream about them.  I pinned a couple I wanted to break out again HERE and HERE.

I also need to buy a good stick blender to make those.  Their soups are mostly blended, which is great for kids. They don't see the veggies so they can't whine about them.  Nice.  Does anyone have an awesome stick blender they'd recommend?  I don't want to buy one and have it break in a few weeks.

A couple of you asked about how much more money we'll be spending on eating healthier.  So far I've been surprised.  I initially thought it would be too expensive to eat healthier, but my views have changed a bit.  I've found that we are buying less items and more things in bulk.  When I buy fruit at Costco we're actually using it all before it goes bad.  I'm not buying crackers and chips and snack food. There are less options in our pantry, but we are making better use of eating what we have.  I'll keep you posted.

We also haven't gone all organic at this point.  I want to do more research on that because I've heard a lot about there not being that big of a difference with many of the foods.  However, I'm excited to hit the farmer's markets when the weather gets warmer.  Buying local fresh produce sounds really fun.

The kids have fought back on some of it, but they've been pretty great overall.  I want to be careful not to totally limit them and have it come back in my face later.  I have noticed that they are more wiling to eat things when they are presented in a fun way.  Even eating bananas and peanut butter feels like a treat when it looks fun like this.

Part of me steps back and looks at myself like, "Who are you?"  I've never been a really big health nut and I used to pride myself when I was younger on eating whatever I wanted.  However something has changed in me.  It's kind of weird, but the more I eat healthy the more I want to.  It's kind of empowering.

I always vowed that my blog would never turn into a food blog and trust me - it won't.  However, if you want occasional updates on all of it I'd be more than happy to share.  Thank you for sharing your tips, ideas, and opinions as well.  You guys are awesome.  Thanks for reading.


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