February 20, 2013

What I Love Wednesday - TV picks

Sorry my post is a little late today.  We had no power for half of the day yesterday so I couldn't write my post.  It was weird.  Anyhow, today I'm sharing with you my favorite TV stuff.

About a year and a half ago we got really tired of paying an outrageous cable bill and we decided to cut it.  That decision has saved us a TON of money.  I purchased an apple TV box and we went with Netflix streaming.  We now pay $8 a month for the streaming and the apple TV box was around $100, but you only pay that once.

There are plenty of shows to keep the boys happy and we don't watch a lot of TV ourselves.  If there's something we really want to see we watch it online.  Or, we watch some older shows through Netflix.

My very favorite show right now is White Collar.  (It's on Netflix.)  I absolutely love this show.  There are fun cases to solve, but it's not freaky murder mysteries that scare me.  The characters are well-developed and I just can't get enough of it.  The first season was good and the second was even better.

As for other shows, I must admit that I'm hooked on Downton Abbey like everybody else.  That one got me through some of the morning sickness.  I might have watched all of season 2 on a really bad day.  It's a while until any of us will see the next season, though.  I hate being patient :)

So what's your favorite show?  Have any of you tried Amazon Prime for TV?  I wanted to look into that.  Fell free to give me the scoop.  Thanks for reading.


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