April 10, 2013

What I Love Wednesdays - Date Ideas

I mentioned in Sunday's post that my husband and I have been making a more concerted effort to make sure we get out on dates.  For us, that's a really easy thing to let go.  I always take care of my kids' needs, my church responsibilities, the blog, and everything else.  However, if something is going to slip it's often some good alone time with him.  

So we're trying hard to fix that....and it's been really, really fun.  A few weeks ago we started brainstorming dates ideas.  If we don't have a plan, then we end up not going out.  So here are 25 dates ideas we rounded up that I thought you guys might like too.  Most of them are pretty inexpensive.

1) Go for a long, scenic drive.
2) Visit garage sales or thrift shops together.
3) Visit an animal shelter and walk the dogs.
4) Go to the driving range and see who can hit the golf balls the furthest.
5) Go for a bike ride.
6) Visit a nursing home and hand out flowers to the residents.
7) Attend a free class/workshop. (The Home Depot has some.)
8) Take a trip to the hobby store.  Pick out a project to work on for the afternoon.
9) Take a walk – around a lake, in the moonlight, by the river, on the beach.
10) Go hiking.
11) Attend a farmer’s market.
12) Attend a free outdoor concert or movie.
13) Go to a playground.  Play on the equipment and talk about your childhood.
14) Test drive cars.
15) Have a  progressive potluck dinner.  Plan this with a few couples -  eating a different course at each home.
16) Have a photoshoot.  Practice your photography skills on each other.
17) Plan a scavenger hunt for him.
18) Buy a travel book about your dream destination and read it together.
19) Go on a factory tour.
20) Go on a morning date.  Pick up breakfast.
21) Decorate mugs for each other.  Buy them at the dollar store and purchase a porcelain pen at a craft store to decorate them.
22) Memory Lane.  Revisit a place that has special meaning for the two of you.
23) Wake up early and watch the sunrise.
24) Repeat your first date as closely as possible.
25) Have a coupon date.  Only do things you have a coupon for.

Got anything to add to the list?  We'd love to hear some suggestions.


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