May 29, 2013

What I Love Wednesday: the Orange Rhino

A few weeks ago after a rough day with the kids I feel upon a blog that I haven't stopped thinking about since.  It's called the Orange Rhino.

The blog author began the blog as a challenge to herself to not yell at her kids for 365 days.  And guess what?  She did it.

I know it's easy to see a blog and make assumptions.  She does so many fun activities with her kids, so she must be a perfect mom.  She adores her children and makes things for them, so she really has her act together.  The truth is, I have a long way to go to become the mom I want to be.  I loose my temper much more than I should.  And, I beat myself up over it when I do.  That's why I really connected with her and her blog.

This lady was so real about her situation and so committed to improving that I found it really impactful. I also thought I'd share her blog with you guys in case some of you feel like I do.

Here are a couple of places so start, or a few posts of hers that I think you'd love to read.  Just click on the title to go to the post.

In that post I really thought about trying to notice what triggers my temper loss.  For me it's when I'm tired and hungry, when my kids are tired and hungry, when I have a day too packed with things I have to do, when the house is not unclean or really unorganized, and when my kids have big tantrums about things that are totally illogical.  Now, most of those are things I can change, though some aren't.  I'm excited to slow things down this summer and work on all of this.

Another great post was what she learned by NOT yelling for a year.

It was good to reaffirm that raising my voice doesn't even work.  It's not affective.  She had a lot of great realizations that were interesting to read.

I think so much of our happiness in life comes down to our own personal self control.  I've tried to master my self control with eating the past four months and it has felt great.  I love feeling in control of my actions and the benefits of it are amazing.  I want to feel just as in control when my kids freak out over nothing.

I read this quote a long time ago and loved it and HERE's a little printable of it I found if you need a reminder like me.

Thanks for reading.


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