September 24, 2013

Boys' Organization Wall

We have lived in this home for almost five years now.  There are two spaces that had never been painted.  One was the hallway, which really needed some patching and a good coat of paint.  (The other is the kitchen, but that will be a process of painting the walls and the cabinets and we're not there yet.)

So, I finally sucked it up and painted the hallway the other day.  I'm trying to change over the beige-ish colors for grayer, whiter tones.  The hall is now a super pale gray and it really brightened up the space.  Now that it's painted (though honestly there's still some trimming out to do) I can hang things up.  I wanted to use this wall space for the boys, to make a little organization station for them.  Here it is.

It's pretty much all stuff we had, but now all in one place.

Here's where it fits in the house.  Baden's room is on the left, Rex's is straight ahead, the organization wall is on the right and the bathroom is the farthest right.  So the wall holds their stuff, but isn't as visible to us.

Rex wanted a place to display more of his art, so I hung up his bulletin board.

The ruler I made six years ago, but never really used.  I repainted it new colors and hung it up.  Now I'm going to try harder to remember to use it.  Don't let me forget :)

The wall also holds their task board/chore chart, which you can read about HERE and HERE.

The arrows were a part of an I Love to Create post I did HERE this summer.  

I'm toying with writing "boys" on the left one and "girl" on the right one.

And here's my little photo bomber.  If this kid is home, there's a 99% chance he's shirt-less.  It's how he rolls.  And see the purple wristbands?  They are the ones that the asparagus come wrapped in.  He thinks they are really cool.  I think he's really cool.

And there you have it - an organized space for my two mini-men.

Thanks for dropping in.  (PS - I have a fun giveaway tomorrow.  It's one of the only giveaways I like to do here.  See you then.)


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