November 14, 2013

Refashionista Day 4 - Tessie Fay

Today we have Tessie Fay in the house!  Tessie has a bright, happy blog full of great DIYs.  I loved her family Halloween costumes HERE, her wrapping station HERE, and these pretty, pretty fabric frames HERE.  Welcome Tessie!

Hi Everyone!  My name is Tessie and I blog over at  I love to sew, diy, and create beautiful spaces for my home. I have been a fan of Cheri's blog for a long time and I am thrilled to be part of the refashionista series this year!  (Don't tell anyone, but this is actually my first guest post ever.)

Like many great refashions in the past, I started my journey at Goodwill. I found two pieces that were great quality, but needed some tweaking.

The first was a beautiful pink cashmere sweater for $3.  I added a little lace for a feminine touch. Easy Peasy!

The second piece was a strapless dress that I turned into a simple skirt with a ruffle trim.

And here are the two lovely pieces together...

For the sweater I simply pinned lace trim around the neckline and arms.

Then I slowly sewed it down using a straight stitch. Just beware that adding the lace will prevent the neck hole from stretching :) Luckily, my sweater still fit just fine.

For the skirt, I first unpicked and removed the zipper, then cut the skirt and bodice apart.

Next, I finished off the top edge of the skirt by turning it down 1/4 inch, then turning it down again and sewing.

My fabric had a nice stretch to it, so I used a zig-zag stitch to allow it to stretch.

At this point I was going to reinsert the zipper, but then realized that I could just sew up the back seam since my fabric was nice and stretchy.

The skirt was a little big, so I took the back seam in about two inches and cut off the extra material.

I then finished the raw edge with a closed overlock stitch and pressed the seam to one side.

And it looked like this.

The hem was a little long and I wanted to add a little detail so I cut off 2 1/2 inches and added a premade ruffle trim to the bottom.

Ahhh.... much better.  (Aren't those shoes fabulous!? They are my all time favorite pair!)

And that was it.  A pretty simple refashion and a new outfit for about 12 dollars.

Happy Sewing!

Thanks Tessie!  I love the lace on that sweater and those shoes ARE fabulous.  You can all check out more great projects at Tessie's blog HERE.


Unknown said...

That outfit is so cute!!!

Annet said...

Maybe if you used a stretch stitch the neck would still stretch a bit? Just a thought! Like the dress to skirt idea!

Gin said...

Love it! So pretty!

Tessie said...

Great idea Annet, but my particular lace wasn't stretchy :) Next time, I may have to get a stretchy lace.

The Miller Five said...

Wow! Pretty! I love those shoes too!

Unknown said...

Fantastic! You're a refashionista pro.


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