November 30, 2013

Soapbox Saturday - Four Cow Farms

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that at the beginning of last year we worked hard to clean out our cupboards and learn more about the food we eat.  We got rid of processed foods and refined sugar.  Those changes have been awesome for us and they've made me want to learn more about other products in our home that we'd never thought twice about before.

Well, when I received an email asking if I'd like to review some products from Four Cow Farm, an amazing company with 100% natural and organic creams and balms, I was really excited to try their products.

These are the products we were sent.  (I loved the packaging right off the bat.)  What I was most impressed with was how informative this company was.  I received a lot of literature along with the products and it explained what things are best to avoid in skincare products.  It explained what was in each cream or balm they made.  It explained the best use of each product.  It explained how to read labels and understand things on the bottles you buy.  These people know their stuff.  I love that.

Let me break down the products and tell you what I thought.

1) The baby wash.  This doesn't create a big lather, which you should know before you use.  That's actually a good thing.  It's pretty much the the purest thing you could use on your baby's skin.  It doesn't have a strong smell like most baby washes.  It's very subtle.  I noticed that when I took Elsa out of the tub that her skin felt clean rather than slick and slippery like it does with our regular baby wash.  That was my favorite part about it.  

2) Baby Lotion.  This lotion is fairly thin, but not because it's watered down.  It uses top quality oils and it's a nice light everyday lotion.  Once again, the scent is very subtle.

3) Nappy Cream.  This is like a diaper rash cream.  Elsa hasn't had a lot of rashes, but when she did have one the other day I used this and it worked really well.  It was also thinner and light.  It wasn't crazy thick and stinky, like most diaper rash creams.  It was really nice.

4) Baby Oil.  I actually used this on Baden instead of Elsa.  He gets really dry eczema patches.  The baby oil was his favorite because it's oil which means can be applied really quickly.  A little does go a long way with it.  When his patches get really bad he hates lotion because he says it stings.  None of these products stung to him, which I really appreciated.

5) Tea Tree Remedy.  I didn't get to use this one as much, but it says it's great on bites, rashes, and cold sores.  It's thicker and has caster and macadamia oils in it.

6) Calendula Rememdy.  This is one we tried a lot on Baden and I also tried it on my super dry feet.  It's a nice thick balm that I liked the best for Baden.  You go through it a lot faster than the oil, though.  It didn't magically take away the eczema, but with nightly use it got better.

Overall, I thought the Four Cow Farm products were really high quality.  It's so nice to know that you're using organic and natural products on your tiny, new baby.  They aren't inexpensive, but as they say - you get what you pay for.  This company does a great job of making their products simple and safe.  To see their other products or learn more about them, you can visit the Four Cow Farm web site HERE.

Thanks for stopping by.


The Miller Five said...

They're located in Australia! Now you need to convince them that they need to fly you out to personally visit the farm! Looks like great stuff.

Marcy said...

The stinging lotions might contain alcohol. I haven't figured out why anyone would add a drying agent to make a moisturizer, but it's important to check ingredients especially in the winter.


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