My name is Cheri.

I am a mother of two boys...

...and now a girl. 

When I am not wiping butts and noses I love to take pictures, sew and refashion, write music, decorate, craft, paint, and eat.

You want to know more?  Okay, here's some more details in a shortened version.

I grew up in Wisconsin.  I have three sisters - no brothers.  Went to Utah for college, graduated in music.  Served a mission for my church in Portugal.  Pursued music.  (Look up Cheri Magill on Itunes for more details on that.)  Found Mr. Right.  Had two boys (both of which I thought were girls).  Now we're kickin' it in Utah.  

Here's how I feel about having boys.  (Just watch it.  It's only 2 minutes and I promise you'll like it.)

After struggling with some fertility issues (which you can read about HERE) we were so excited to have our little girl.

So now I'm currently trying to make our house a home, teach our children, and enjoy it all by posting here.  I love learning new things, free time, red shoes, green left-turn arrows, snuggles from my kids, Target, and almost any dessert.

Thanks for stopping in.  Please come back.  Bring friends.  E-mail me when you want.  (Yes, we need an updated family photo.  This one is before I chopped off my hair and had our baby girl.)

Want to know more?  Let's get random.

I hate driving.  I've never been able to do a cartwheel.  My first real job was carhopping (no rollerskates) at the best burger place in the little town I grew up in.  I love making lists and do put things on it I've already done so I can cross them off.  I am pretty cheap, but I love to splurge on cute hats for my little boys.

Still want more?  You'll find a post with some extra, very random info right HERE.

You can contact me at iammommahearmeroar@gmail.com.  Thanks!


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