Welcome to my blog!  Here's what to expect as of 2013:


Monday - Mommy School.  I try to do something fun with my boys on Fridays, so that way it'll be easy for me to blog about it on Monday.  It'll be a lot like the series I did last summer - educational, fun ideas to get kids thinking.

Tuesday - On Tuesdays I'll share a regular craft which means sewing, decorating, or something like that.

Wednesday - I'm changing Wednesdays this year.  After 2 years of Wake Up Wednesday I thought I'd try something different.  I still plan on challenging myself to do good things, but I won't be blogging about it for now.  Wednesdays will be "What I LOVE Wednesdays."  I will mention music, products, tips, or anything that I love.  It's not a sponsored thing, but a way to share things I think you'd love.

Thursday - same as Tuesday.

Friday - This will still be a feature Friday, where I try someone else's idea and link you to their tutorial.

Saturday and Sunday will remain Soapbox Saturday and Sunshine Sunday just like before.


Just for reference, this was the schedule from day 1 to 2012.

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday will feature a new craft/project each day.

Wednesday is Wake Up Wednesday.  I provide a challenge you are welcome to participate in with me.  It's some type of good deed.  The next Wednesday you can share your experiences in the comment section and there will be a new challenge for the next week.

Feature Friday I will make something from someone else's tutorial and link you there so you can make it yourself.   Occasionally there will be a Five Finds Friday where I link you to 5 amazing tutorials I found on the web the past week.

Soapbox Saturday I will share with you something I think everyone should know about. OR Sharing Saturday I list some reader questions and we all help each other out by answering them.

Sunshine Sunday I will show you some photos I've taken throughout the week that show you what I am thankful for.


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