Q: Where do you find blank t-shirts for your projects?

A:  I always buy my blank tees at Wal-mart.  They're $3.50 and they are a great thickness.  They run a little small and shrink up a but, so I recommend buying a size up.  You have to buy them when the first get them in because they seem to sell quite quickly.  When a new batch comes in I try to stock up.  They are on a stand in the toddler boy section and in the regular boy section they are often by the socks and undies.  They usually have 5-6 colors.

If you haven't had luck there, I've seen blank tees at Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's, though I haven't tried them out there.

Q: Where can I find a bleach pen?

A: You should be able to find one at any Wal-mart or Target.  This is what you're looking for:

Q: What type of paint do you use for the shirts?

A: I use Tulip fabric paint in the matte finish.  See the picture below.  Be sure to heat set them when you're done.  (That means put a layer of fabric over where you painted and iron over it.  This prevents it from fading in the wash.)  I've now branched out to using more of the Tulip paints and products and they are all awesome.  I love their products.

Q: What heat setting do you use for the freezer paper stenciling? (both to adhere the stencil and to set the paint?)

A:  I put my iron on medium heat to adhere the freezer paper.  It doesn't take much.  Just a couple seconds on medium heat will do it.  As for the heat setting, I usually make it a little hotter like medium high, since you're laying a piece of fabric over the painted area. 

Q: How do I save a graphic or clip art from picnik?

A: I have found a couple ways to do this.  First of all, if you use the cheap program called paint that comes on most computers, just open the program and save the blank page there.  Then upload that blank white page as your photo in picnik.  If you don't have that program or can't find a way to upload a blank page then just use any photo you have, go to the stickers tab, pick a rectangle, make it white and expand it until it covers the entire photo.  Crazy?  Yeah, but it works.  Good luck!

Q: What is your favorite kind of cheese? (Okay, no one asked this but I did grow up in Wisconsin and I wanted to add some more FAQ answers.)

A: I prefer Sharp Cheddar. Mmmmm..good stuff.

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