What Age Should I Use a High Chair for My Baby?

This has been a heated topic of discussion and thankfully forums and centers of advice have spring up with fresh content and authoritative clarity, but for those in doubt the independent Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) is a sure guide for those wondering if the advice online is dubious or not. Having the manufacturing guidelines set will keep you and your child safe and sound, rest-assured knowledge that all the variables are in check.

The question of child-ability, relates to appropriate high chair choice for your child and slowly the consensus seems to concur that 6 months is the safe time when a child’s anatomy is developed enough for them to be able to sit up without it being hazardous.

There is a growing amount of toddler high chairs with new designs and the once seemingly impossible is becoming possible, by this I mean the reclining features can cater for almost all stages of development (always check manufacturing guidelines). This has allowed more freedom for the parent and in certain reclined positions the baby can be watching as mother goes about her tasks for the day.

Children between 4-6 months can start to show signs and have a strong desire to sit up, which is a carers cue to start to introduce the straightened position, but if there is too much bobbing around and it seems inappropriate, wait a little longer until you feel sure they’re ready. The infant should be able to hold their head up long before getting them on the chair and seated.

I personally love the wheeled options and when on the move around the house, keeping the house in law and order, it is a great help to be able to dart-around and continue to get things done, whilst seeing my little one is safe and sound. Note might be to check the base is secure and it is not a cheap design, again revert to the JPMA guide to ensure your loved little baby is safe.

I have heard through the grape vine of collecting online parenting forum that a nice secret is to slowly introduce the infant seat before solid foods, prepare the way for your child and ease the transitioning, which is a huge shock to a babies world. This will make them feel relaxed when the solid’s begin and make your life a load easier.

Some parents at these early stages can feel stressed and anxious when changes take place, so it is essential for the mother to make sure they don’t take on too many new tasks with the infant all at one time. I suggest practicing, where you can, stages coming up before they actually happen and give yourself enough time to feel comfortable and confident with the possible unforeseen eventualities. I think practicing with your child getting them in and out of a reclined high chair will make for when the final day comes to put them up right in the seat will be easy and you and your baby will feel the change is both natural and easy.

Sometimes the dreaded comes to life and safety is compromised and you need to return it to the distributor, so making sure you keep all documentation to be able to give it back will keep you safe and not out of pocket, which is the last thing a father needs.

Some babies need to be involved in social gathers and feed better when lots of happenings are around so make sure, if you haven’t already, that you try to think about when and where you can make this a focus from time to time.

This has all now been all taken care of and the child is seated, last thing to remember is to make sure when positioned upright to not have any hot or pointy objects, which could produce an awful accident that’s just waiting to happen. Besides this, just make sure you enjoy meal time together and when feeding your baby, occasionally allow her to eat on her own and maybe even finish a meal for a change.