22 Best Lap Desk for Kids 2024 – Best Picks

Lap desks for kids can be nifty little pieces of furniture for a child of any age. Enabling them to work comfortably on homework, do arts and crafts, or even eat their dinner on a more relaxed day, kids lap trays have multiple great purposes.

If you’ve never bought a lap table for kids before or, you’re looking for a replacement, we’ve gathered together the very best options to help you to find the best lap desk for kids.

Before we reveal our top picks, we’ve laid out some handy information below to help you get going with your buying journey.

Where To Buy A Lap Desk for children?

These types of desks for kids can be bought both online and in stores too. The most popular site for finding this type of product is Amazon, where customer reviews can be found to give details on features and quality.

If you visit a general home store too, you may come across a range of laptop lap trays for kids, some may be suitable for a child or teenager to use. As with all purchases, we recommend that you search carefully and pay attention to offers that are seasonal too which may enable you to grab a bargain.

Considerations choosing Kids Lap Desk With Storage

Consider a kids lap table with a storage compartment if your child will be using the product to complete homework regularly. The handy draw underneath can be used for storing stationery and ensuring that important papers that are being worked on aren’t lost too.

This type of portable desk is extremely practical and can be bought at a bargain price with wise shopping.

There are a few little things to keep in mind when buying a kids lap tray. Here are the top considerations that you should be thinking about:

Budget – As with any purchase, you’ll want to set a clear budget for a childrens laptop desk. There are so many different options out there from super cheap desks that are still good quality to child activity trays that come with separate compartments and storage facilities at a higher-end price.

Age – Depending on the age of your child, he or she will be looking for different types of features or designs even. For some younger children, there are themed lap desks available which can be great, while an older child may prefer a more modern and neutral style altogether.

Practicality – Practicality is a big consideration to think about. While all children will move this type of desk around, some may need to be able to carry it around town or to school for example. Think about this point in all of its aspects before settling on a product to buy.

Storage – Do you want a lap tray for kids with storage facilities or not? If so, you will have a better idea of which lap tables are suitable for your child’s needs.

Top Picks in 2024

The considerations for this type of product have been covered, so it’s time to delve in and reveal our top 23 best kids travel lap desks!

1. Folding Lap Tray For Kids

This awesome portable lap desk for children is a suitable travel desk, breakfast table, bed tray, and picnic table all in one! Its versatility makes it one of the best products in this category and it comes with super handy storage space underneath the table too.

Simply lift up the tabletop and you’ll find a safe space to store any pens and paper. The desk is collapsible meaning it can be carried around comfortably as the legs fold in flat. With all of its storage space and being made out of sturdy plastic that is durable, this is one of the best children lap trays out there.

This is an image of kid's lap desk laptop breakfast table bed in black color

2. Versatile Surf Lap Table

This versatile kids lap desk is awesome! It can be used for a laptop or writing both sat down on the floor and in a chair. Using the weight of your body, the laptop desk stays upright and is lightweight enough to carry to different areas of the home.

The surf offers a super flexible working space for any child that needs it. Made using non-toxic materials, it’s completely safe too for complete peace of mind. Helping to support good posture, we think that this is one of the most innovative laptop desks available. Standing out from other designs in the kids laptop desk category, this product is sure to be used over and over again.

This is an image of kid's lap desk portable in red color

3. Portable Blue Kids Lap Table

Kids lap desks come in all types of styles and colors, this awesome blue lap table is great for any young boy who needs a space to comfortably work. Offering a neat storage space for pens and papers, the table is both comfortable and practical. It can be packed away easily when it is not in use and is large enough for a small laptop too.

The versatile table can be used for arts and crafts, travel, reading in bed, and homeschooling. If you’re seeking a solution to help your child store away their art materials and get to work comfortably, this is a great option.

This is an image of kid's folding lap desk. blue color

4. Green Child Activity Tray

This is a perfectly sized laptop desk for laps that can be used during long car trips, while in bed, on the couch, or in the backyard. Made using highly durable plastic, it’s great for kids as it can be carried around and used in multiple places.

It provides a comfortable, practical solution for on the go activities and is a great alternative to a desk space for homework. We love the luminous green color of the children lap tray which is fun and playful too. This option is super affordable and guaranteed to last thanks to its robust and reliable design which is suitable for both children and toddlers alike.

This is an image of kid's lap desk with trays. Green color

5. Unicorn Lap Pets Table

If you’re seeking a lap desk for girls look no further than this sweet unicorn design. Styled exclusively for younger children, this range of Lab Pets desks come with pop-out felt details made of custom fabric. For ultimate comfort, a cushion is incorporated into the desk which conforms to the shape of your kid’s lap.

Travel-friendly and heavy-duty, the desk can be carried around comfortably so that your child can carry out activities with ease. For any little girl who is a fan of rainbow unicorns, this Lap Pets desk must be added to their collection for fun when it comes to homework and art!

This is an image of kid's lap desk with unicorn graphic. Colorful colors

6. Pink Kids Lap Table

This pretty pink kids travel lap table is large and flat, making it a great writing surface. It comes with a flip-up lid that reveals a storage space for pens and paper making it great for doing homework.

It can be used with the foldable leg s positioned upright or down for total convenience and its practical for at home or on the go. This lovely kids lap tray can be packed into a bag and transported easily or kept at home for activities. Made of durable plastic, it is designed to last and won’t let your child down.

This is an image of kid's lap folding desk with storage. Pink Color

7. Washable Lap Tray

If you’re seeking a fabric-covered lap tray for kids, this awesome green and yellow option is a great idea It comes with little storage pockets that zip up on each side, which are perfect for pens and pencils when not in use.

The removable fabric cover can be taken off easily to be cleaned and it also comes with elastics to keep paper in place when working. For extra convenience, this childrens laptop desk comes with a fabric handle too, making it suitable to carry around for on the go activities.

This is an image of kid's lap desk. Green yellow colors

8. Plastic Lap Desk

This trusty plastic lap tray is fun, practical, and affordable too. It’s the perfect option for traveling as it can be folded easily with the legs tucking away. This tray can be kept at home or carried to another destination easily and allows kids generous space to write, do their homework, draw, play, and more.

The storage space is great for crayons, papers, books, pens, and pencils, so your child won’t have to worry about losing their activity materials. A versatile and affordable option, we love this reliable activity lap tray.

This is an image of kid's lap folding desk. Green color

9. My Monster Plastic Lap Tray

This super fun My Monster cushioned laptop desk is ideal for younger children who need extra comfort. Large enough for standard-sized laptops, the cute monster graphic on the front is sure to brighten up your child’s day with each use.

The innovatively designed tray comes with a built-in cushion that enhances comfort as it conforms to your kid’s lap. It works to keep the user cool and comfortable at all times when in use so that no extra weight is felt on the lap. The reinforced handle makes it easy to carry around while the air-flow design allows for proper air ventilation.

This is an image of kid's lap desk with face graphic. Blue color

10. Pink Children Lap Table

Next up on our list is this fantastic pink childrens laptop desk which will allow your little ones to work comfortably on activities and homework from any location. Suitable for the standard-sized laptops, this design is made to be extra comfortable and compact so that it can be carried around with ease.

The built-in handle allows for easy carrying and it also features a thick layer of memory foam to allow working for hours on end. Made for getting work completed from the comfort of a bed or sofa, there is so much practicality that comes with this curved art portable desk.

This is an image of kid's Mini Foam lap desk. Pink color

11. Pen Compartment Lap Tray

This green activity lap tray comes with cool pen compartments making storage of art materials super easy. Fun, colorful, and bright this tray is suitable for children of all ages and comes at an affordable price too.

Whether your child needs to work on homework or wants to get busy with an art and craft activity, the tray will support posture and is comfortable to use. Made of durable plastic, it’s sturdy and easy to clean making it a best seller in this product category. If you’re seeking a reliable cute lap desk for your child, consider this wonderful option!

This is an image of kid's tray lap desk. Green color

12. Crayola Color Wonder Tray

Crayola is a well known and trusted brand, so it’s no wonder their awesome Color Wonder desk for coloring has made it into our reviews. This handy product will allow your child to create from any place they wish thanks to its great portability.

The mess-free Color Wonder is a sturdy desk for kid’s laps that has a soft bottom for extra comfort and its compact size makes it super easy to carry about. The zipper pouch and built-in handle offer extra convenience too and the desk comes with lots of fun art materials too for a magical coloring experience.

This is an image of kid's color wonder lap desk By Crayola.

13. Lap Gear Compact Tray

Suitable for teenagers and younger children, this modern design is great for homework activities. A standard sized laptop can fit easily onto this tray while the innovative, comfortable cushion will conform to your child’s lap for extra support.

It also works to keep the laptop cool at all times and features a lightweight and compact design that can be carried around easily with the reinforced handle. This is one of the best kids plastic lap desks out there in terms of value for money and high-quality design.

This is an image of kid's lap desk 13.3 inchs. Aqua sky Color

14. Blue Childrens Laptop Desk

If you’re seeking a reliable kids plastic portable desk that comes with all the features you’d expect in this category, this could be the best choice for you. Affordable and made to last, this desk fits standard-sized laptops and is comfortable to use too.

The cushion that is featured underneath the plastic component conforms to the shape of your child’s lap for support where it’s needed. Storage-wise, this desk comes with two built-in storage spaces which can be used to hold utensils and pens. Allowing for improved air-flow, you won’t have to worry about laptops overheating either.

This is an image kid's lap desk with device ledge. Turquoise Color.

15. Memory Foam Desk

Memory foam is going to ensure that your kids lap tray is comfortable to use at all times as it fits into your child’s lap, no matter their size. It allows your child to get work done at any place, whether that be from the comfort of their bed or couch. This fantastic portable kids lap tray is suitable for all standard sized laptops and comes with a built-in handle making it easy to carry around.

The small and compact design can be stored away when not in use with ease and the thick layer of memory foam allows it to keep its shape for years and years. This is one of the best childrens laptop desks out there and is sure to impress when it comes to functionality and its price tag.

This is an image of kid's mini foam desk. Blue color

16. Deluxe Folding Laptop Table

For those seeking a folding laptop table, this awesome multi-purpose laptop stand is one of the best options out there. Allowing children to work comfortably from any place they wish it is made of sturdy plastic for a durable and reliable design.

The top of the portable lap desk lifts up where a compartment is revealed for the storage of papers and pens as well as other activity materials. The folding legs allow for super easy storage and convenience and it comes with a 1-year manufacturers guarantee too for extra peace of mind.

This is an image of kid's folding lap desk with Tray. Blue color

17. Wooden Top Kids Portable Desk

This fantastically designed laptop desk is certainly one of the most attractive that we’ve come across. Suitable for standard-sized laptops, this design has so many cool features including a phone slot that allows you to hold your media devices and elasticated straps to keep papers in place if working outside for example.

The stylish laptop lap tray comes with a smooth, high-quality wood top surface and a lovely blue cushion that conforms to your child’s lap for guaranteed comfort. The smooth, flat surface ensures laptop ventilation and no overheating for maximum safety.

This is an image of kid's lap desk with phone holder and device ledge By LapGear.

18. Decorated Kids Lap Table

This super fun designed childrens lap table s suitable for the standard-sized laptop and is a great option for little girls due to its floral cushion design. The cushion itself will conform to the shape of your child’s lap for full comfort and it comes with custom fabric for a unique finish.

With a lightweight design and reinforced handle, this car laptop desk is suitable for any type of traveling. The improved air-flow feature ensures that laptops won’t overheat when in use too.

This is an image of kid's Lap desk with roses graphics. Multi-Colors

19. Fox Face Kids Lap Desk Tray

If you’re seeking a lap desk for girls, this lovely fox design could be perfect! Fitting all standard sized laptops, it can also be used for homework, drawing, activities, and much more. Exclusively designed with sweet animal faces, the pop-out felt feature is a lovely finishing touch and is made from great quality fabric too.

The cushion which is brightly decorated will conform to your child’s lap for extra support and comfort with every use. Add to this a reinforced handle which makes it easy to move around with and a wipe-easy clean top for a good art activity table at an affordable price.

This is an image of kid's lap pets desk with fox face graphic. Colorful colors

20. Red Childrens Laptop Desk

Your child won’t have to worry about discomfort when they use this awesome, brightly colored kids travel lap desk. Children can comfortably watch movies, play games, carry out art activities, do homework, and much more with this awesome lap table.

Made using a lightweight, soft material, the cushion support is suitable for any user and is sure to be appreciated. The oval shape of the laptop lap tray makes this design stand out from the rest and for this reason its a best seller. Affordable and designed to a great standard, you won’t be disappointed if you choose this awesome laptop desk for laps.

This is an image of kid's

21. Blue Portable Desk

If you’re seeking a sturdy and reliable desk for your child, why not go for this lovely curved edge option? The all-purpose plastic lap tray comes with a built-in handle and soft fleece cushion on the bottom too for all the comfort your child needs no matter where they are.

The dual-bolster cushion will provide the perfect angle for best screen viewing while the microbeads used in the cushion design ensure stability too. The 2-in-1 storage compartments are super handy for pens, pencils, papers, and homework, making this lap table a great choice all round.

This is an image of kid's Lap desk fits upt to 15.6 inch. Turquoise Color

22. Dino Cute Lap Desk

Finally, this super cute dinosaur themed lap activity tray is great for younger children and toddlers as an activity tray for kids. It will fit a standard size laptop comfortably and this series is designed exclusively with animal face details so that you can personalize which one you choose for your child. The pop-out felt details are an extra sweet touch that is made using custom, high-quality fabric.

As part of this design, the dino desk comes with a comfort cushion that will conform to your child’s lap to provide ultimate comfort. Made from 100% cotton with reinforced stitching and with a travel handle for portability, this tray is one of the best that we’ve come across for sure.

This is an image of kid's Lap desk with dino face design. Green Color

We’ve come to the end of our portable lap table reviews, however, as always we have a best pick and budget pick to present if you’re looking for quick options.

Best Pick Overall

Our best pick in the lap desk for couch category is this wonderful wooden top laptop cushion. Suitable for both teenagers and children alike, it comes with a smooth top surface making it a great activity table and an elasticated strap to ensure paper doesn’t escape. We love the added tocuh of a mobile phone slot and the pretty cushion that is super comfortable too.

This is an image of kid's lap desk with phone holder and device ledge By LapGear.

Best Budget Pick

Our best budget pick is this wonderful portable lap table that offers great value for money. The brightly colored green plastic is durable and easy to clean, while the design’s legs fold away for convenient storage.

An all-round great product, this lightweight design will allow your child to work comfortably in any location they wish on homework, art activities, reading, and much more.

This is an image of kid's lap folding desk. Green color

Here are some other great choices for you to check out: