Best Toys for 8 Month Old Baby in 2024

Are you looking to buy toys for 8 month old baby girls or boys?  Choosing recommended baby toys is essential, both educational and developmental toys help babies at 8 months old develop through sensory play, color and texture.

We have loads of different types toys and gifts for an 8 month old baby, from soft toys, activity toys, popular baby gifts, to educational toys. We have complied a huge list of the best toys and games for baby tots. Some find toys that light up are great for babies aged 8 months old and have included a few further down this review guide.

We pick great brands like, Melissa & Doug, Vtech and fisher price toys and make sure all our chosen gifts are well thought out and ideal for babies 8 months old.

this is an image of a crinkle book baby toy for young kids.

Considerations When Choosing Baby Toys for 8 Month Olds

Safety: Of course when you buy any of the active educational toys that are on the market that are age appropriate toys and gifts for 8 month old babies, then you have safety uppermost in your mind. Parents and carers worry constantly about small parts getting into children’s mouths or stuck between their fingers or toes. You want the toy you buy to have a proper safety mark and to be tried and trusted, so always look for this when shopping around.

Material: Material is probably the second most important consideration when thinking about buying play toys and activities for an 8 month old. You can get all sorts of interesting materials in toys these days, including those amazing textured toys that offer activities for babies to learn touch and explore the world in a sensory way. A good thing to think about regarding material for toys is whether it is wipe clean or washable – as you’ll probably have to do that – a lot.

Price: Depending on your budget, you’ll have something particular in mind regarding what you can and can’t afford with regard to baby toys. Some of the most engaging toys are actually the simplest, and don’t even require batteries and babies can get more fun out of them than any of the fanciest toys on the market. You might be purchasing a toys suitable for 8 month baby for an upcoming event, such as Christmas or a holiday so your budget might be bigger.

Age: Because of the young age of the child, you want to make sure that you buy one with that is suitable, from an infant gifts retailer. Thinking about their development, and what they tend to be able to do at 8 months, means thinking about their sensory processing, their cognition and ability, so looking for good toys for a 8 month old infant to kick at, hit at or grab at or even squeeze, are all good options.

Function: Toys for this age group aren’t just ‘toys’, they are developmental tools. So when you buy them, you will want to consider what function you’d like them to serve for the baby. For example, colorful toys are great for stimulating their sense of color and tone, and for teaching them the names of all the colors. Or, another example might be ring toys items, that help greatly with coordination and movement. There is so much choice.

Gender: Play toys for infants are sort of gender non specific, although you can of course get traditional gender themes toys, in pink or blue colors for example, or themes with dinosaurs or butterflies. But at this stage, aspects like coordination, sensory development and cognition are far more developmentally significant.

Best Toys & Gifts for 8 month old Baby

1. Baby’s First Blocks

This is a tried and trusted toy that you can even buy early on, when those newborn babies are still tiny and sleeping, because as soon as they start to grow, their curious hands and eyes will be looking to explore the world. One of these block sorters is a great choice, because they can drop them in, enjoy the sound of them rattling around inside, they can sort them by color and shape, or even stack them up in a pile to knock them down. It has a carry handle which is really helpful for them to learn to carry things around and cheerfully teaches your child all about shapes and color.

This is an image of baby's first blocks colorful toy



2. VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

It is no surprise that one of the best toys for 8 month old baby is made by VTech. This toy really is 5 toys in one, because each side of the cube offers a different activity for the little one to enjoy. There are fourteen different interactive aspects for them to explore and it plays 25 cheerful songs that will entertain and engage them for hours on end. The cube itself is made of BPA free plastic so it is totally safe for your child to enjoy. Another clever aspect is the motion sensor inside that is activated when the baby moves the cube, so they will find it a source of constant interest.

This is an image of Activity cube in purple color by Vtech



3. Sassy Developmental Pattern Toy

Bright, cheerful and well designed, this toy is a lovely one of those Interactive Soft toys that little ones can really enjoy time and time again. It is deliberately created to allow for the babies to grasp easily, so that they can explore and play in safety, while enjoying the bright colors and striking patterns that will enhance their visual function. There are gentle sounds inside in the form of a bead rattle so it isn’t repetitive or irritating for those around baby, and will gently entertain and stimulate them. Motor skills will also be assisted as they grasp and move this playful ball around.

This is an image of colorful Sassy developmental bumby ball designed for babies



4. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

If you’re looking for a toy with sensory stimulus then look no further than a musical toy. This delightful item is one of those great developmental toys that help 8 month old children, as it fosters a love of classical music and themes from a very early age. This would be a particularly good gift for a family who are already musical, or if the parents are musicians. But really, its great for any baby, because it plays pieces by Vivaldi, Chopin, Mozart and Rossini and there is a helpful volume control also. It is designed for baby to be able to hold it independently and to be able to teethe on it also. It is cheerful when it lights up and baby will be entertained happily.

This is an image of musical baby tunes toy in colorful colors



5. VTech Driving Toy

There are only so many things to play with a 8 month old baby, and you can quickly get tired of peekaboo! So a toy like this one is a great alternative. It’s a good idea to harness baby’s ability to make connections in their world, and they will definitely be familiar with driving in the car, so this educational, fun toy allows them to play make believe while exploring lights, sounds and touch. It has a fun traffic light, as well as a little lever that plays sounds when it is moves. There is a gear shifting feature too, that plays sounds when moved. Every time your child touches this toy, it will respond interactively, delighting them all the time. It also introduces animals and other words and phrases too.

This is an image of driver toy for babies with colorful colors



6. VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

We had to get a puppy in somewhere, didn’t we? The Pull and Sing Puppy is just gorgeous. It is one of those really good toys for babies aged 8 months old because it offers so much. There is music and all sorts of sounds when you pull the puppy’s cord and take it for a ‘walk’. There are really brightly colored buttons that encourage responses to color and stand out against the monochrome color of the dog, which will really stimulate baby’s vision. It plays over sixty songs and sounds and explains colors, numbers, body parts as well as really adorable puppy sounds to entertain baby.

This is an image of puppy that sing and pull toy for babies



7. VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

This electronic book will stand the test of time with your baby. If you’re wondering what toys can an 8 month old play with then a travel size discover book like this one is a really good bet. It has three chunky interactive buttons that light up and have delightful animal faces on them, that a baby will really respond to. There are four pieces that can be moved and interacted with as well as playing seven nursery rhymes that you can sing along with to baby. This is a simple toy, but one that can provide hours of fun.

This is an image of a song book with beautiful rhymes for babies


8. Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

A less traditional toy is this Sassy Wonder Wheel toy. It is one of those more appropriate toys and gifts for 8 month old baby because it is safe but has several benefits for baby’s development. It will focus your baby on trying to reach and pull, push and bat, which will make their coordination much stronger. There are a multitude of colorful beads inside the centerpiece which will help baby focus visually also, and it makes a pleasant noise as it turns, that will entertain and amuse the baby, too. There are lots of texture and sensory aspects designed in this product and it even has a helpful suction cup on the bottom so that it stays secure in front of baby if they are in a high chair.

This is an image of colorful wheel with alot of activities for babies



9. YGJT Animal Activity Keyboard

Keyboards are always fun toys for babies and this one is a pretty design, with lots to offer in the way of fun, entertainment and education. It has two separate modes to play with, including a music mode or a learning mode. The music mode plays notes and music and the learning function will help them learn words, phrases and how to count. Not only does it entertain, but it educates your little one and it is easy for them to hold and grasp as they explore and it is made with all baby-safe materials and has passed safety standards. It has all the bells and whistles, including flashing lights and fun noises. A really great choice.

This is an image of music piano toy in green color for babies



10. Teether Toy

This one is a cutie. Little Bado make great teething toys for children and they have designed this pretty rattle that is also musical and interactive, while at the same time offering relief of swollen gums from teething. It is a quieter musical toy, with a lower volume setting and the lights are gentle also, especially if it is to be used at nap time or bed time. This toy boasts that it is made of ABS plastic and soft silicone which means it is safe and easy for baby to hold and teethe on for relief. This toy is perfect for those quieter moments when you want to keep the baby occupied but calm them down also. This would make a really thoughtful gift when baby is still newborn.

This is an image of Rattle toy in blue and white color for babies



11. VTech Moosical Critter

VTech are of course well known for making great developmental baby toys. This one is musical and very cute. Baby will definitely enjoy and respond to the range of sensory fabric and textures that are used in the design of this toy and it is very soft and supple for them to grasp and cuddle with. There is a bead ring to stimulate their interest and it is created so that they can easily grasp it, improving their gripping action and it also will sing and talk to them. It boasts a range of over thirty cheerful songs and phrases that will make them laugh and delight again and again. It is a good size for putting into a diaper bag when you’re on the go so it can be easily called upon to occupy them when you are out and about.

This is an image of little musical cow toy in purple color for babies



12. iPlay iLearn Rattle

If you’re racking your brains wondering what toys are appropriate for an 8 month old then it might be best to get a collection of toys instead of just one. In this case, a selection of rattles and teethers can be simply perfect. This set offers ten separate rattle teethers that are designed in cheerful bright colors and suit your baby as they develop and grow. There are a range of textures, hand grips and areas of interest for baby to enjoy with each rattle, and all of them will help with baby’s development and growth. The rattles are totally BPA free also so parents can feel completely safe and secure as their child enjoys these teethers. They also make interesting sounds for baby to feel stimulated and entertained.

This is an image of 10 pieces educational toys for babies



13. Baby Einstein Octopus Orchestra

It can be difficult to figure out what toys are appropriate for an 8 month old but you can place a safe bet that any that play music are going to be popular choices. This delightful little octopus is a little different from the traditional animal themed toys, so baby will really enjoy it’s fun, zany design. It’s bright colors will stimulate baby’s visual development and the music mode will really entertain them as they play. The buttons have been designed to be large and oversized deliberately, so the baby can easily bash and press them as they explore both the music mode and the discover mode.

This is an image of a blue ochestra octopus toy for babies by baby einstein



14. VTech Wiggle Ball

There is so much on offer with this amazing wiggle ball. It doesn’t need much to make it play, sing and roll around, to the total delight of your child. This is certainly an example of those learning items for 8 month old babies because it helpfully allows them to explore with minimal effort. As they press the various animal themed buttons, it will improve their motor skills while at the same time teaching them all about the animal world, the colors of the rainbow and it will also teach them to count. This is a truly interactive toy and really will give your child no end of fun. There are over forty five songs and phrases as well as a wide variety of sounds and tune for them to listen to. Because it wiggles and rolls around by itself it will encourage your child to get moving as it chases around after it. Quite entertaining for the parents, too!

This is an image of Move and crawl Ball with colorful animals in purple



15. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Remote

We always want to make sure we are buying safe toys and gifts for 8 month old babies and Fisher Price is a trusted and reliable brand. This little Laugh and Learn Remote is a great choice for babies because it easily fits into their hands as they develop their grasp and grip ability. They can easily press the accessible buttons and watch the screen light up for them as the remote plays a massive range of over 35 phrases, songs and melodies. Each time baby presses a different key, they will hear all sorts of songs and sounds about letters, numbers, opposites and colors. There is a lot of education and stimulation packed into this tiny toy, so it is a really great choice and the button pressing will no doubt help with improvement of fine motor skills.

This is an image of remote toy phone in gray color designed for babies



16. Baby Einstein Guitar

This pretty little guitar is well made and durable enough to take hours of playtime with your child. They can enjoy being a mini rock star as they explore a range of music and songs as they play with this bright and cheerful toy. It flashes interesting lights and the sounds and noises will keep your child entertained and delight them with lots of fun. It plays ten classical songs and can be either played on the floor or in the playpen or it can be carried around to play anywhere you like. Baby can tap and play at the buttons and enjoy a range of pretty melodies played back to them and they can explore the various shapes on the guitar that are specially designed as a Touch and Feel Activity to be interesting and tactile for their sensory stimulation.

This is an image of Guitar toy with lights in blue and white colors designed for babies


17. Munchkin Floating Bath Bubbles

We must remember that children can enjoy toys in the water. In fact, water is a great sensory aspect for growing babies, and they get a simple pleasure from watching it swirl and bubble and splash around them. One of the best toys for the bath and 8 month old infants are definitely gonna enjoy bath time. These floating bubbles are great because they have whimsical, fun characters that spin and twirl around, making a rattle and a racket for them to enjoy. They have textured rings that are designed to help them feel interested and to allow them to grab and grasp more easily as the bubbles bob past them in the water. The bright colors and shapes are really delightful.

This is an image of four bubbles bath toys in colorful colors for babies bath



18. Ball Drop Tower Toy

Even adults will enjoy this one. Harking back to more traditional toys, this ball ramp is simple, yet fun. It has five separate levels and has a colorful design, with each level set as a different color. It has three acrylic spinning balls that have a multitude of shapes and beads inside that make a pleasant rattle as they roll around and down the ramp. It can be put together and taken apart really easily so that it can even be transported around from place to place when baby is on the go. It is also a brilliant toy for enhancing fine motor skills as your baby learns to lift and move the colored balls into place and to learn about the cause and effect motion.

This is an image of ball drop toy with cat design have 5 layers in colorful colors designed for kids



Best Overall Pick

The Wiggle Ball was definitely the best pick as it does so much to stimulate baby to begin with, and encourages baby to make natural movements and explore almost by default. The added features of teaching them to count and learn colors was also a great aspect and the wide range of sounds and songs was also something that is very beneficial to this age group.

This is an image of Move and crawl Ball with colorful animals in purple


Best Budget Buy

For a high end toy, this didn’t break the bank, so we felt it was a great choice for our Budget Buy. Because of it’s size, we thought it was a useful toy for carrying around with baby when you’re on the go. We really liked how it encouraged baby’s grip development and how it sang songs and talked to baby, too. The softness and mix of various textures was also a bonus in this design.

This is an image of little musical cow toy in purple color for babies



What are the Best Toys for a 8 Month Old?

As we’ve seen there is no end of choice in toys for this age group, and you can choose from a wide range of ideas, styles and designs. The best toys are the ones that are easy to assemble and maintain as well as the ones that can be easily cleaned, as they are going to take some battering. Ones that teach and include music are also really worth considering.

Which Toys are the Most Appropriate for a 8 Month Old?

If you’re choosing a toy for this age group, then consider what they are actually capable of doing at this moment in their development. They need encouragement with their grasp and grip as well as their ability to move and press things, basically their fine motor skills. So it is always a good idea to opt for a toy that is completely age appropriate and offers them the chance to do these things. Playing, learning and developing all at once.