5 Tips For Choosing Blinds and Shades for Your Kids’ Bedroom – 2024 Guide

Redecorating is always fun, especially when you get to pick the new furniture. However, when you get to the point of choosing the blinds and shade for different rooms, well… It can be a bit non-inspirational. You would think that unlike the curtains, shades and blinds do not come is such a colorful, interesting design, but this is where you might be completely wrong.

Besides, blinds are often the functional element primarily aiming at protecting our household members and they tend to cost a lot (especially since you need the quality).

Suitable indoor blinds for your kids’ bedroom tend to get a bit more complicated to find mostly because it’s not something you think about and google during your coffee break, therefore it requires some research.

Many things have to be considered, such as size, usage, efficiency, design, and practicality. But, worry no more, because this guide will give you all the tips you need to make the right decision for choosing the blinds and shades for your kids’ bedroom.

Choose the right material…

1. Custom Bamboo Shades

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From many materials offered on the market, we suggest you consider going with the most natural one- bamboo shades. The fact that they’re produced from natural materials, makes the most adequate protection from the sunlight and the heat. Besides that, the simplicity of their design and elegant appearance promises to blend in every room you place them, even the kids’ bedroom.
Bamboo shades are placed on the inside of the window and can be a perfect substitute for the outer shades and curtains.

They’re made of thin bamboo sticks, so even when they are completely closed, they will provide the room with enough light, making you able to take a sneak peek at what’s happening and who’s playing outside. At the same time, they block the view from the outside. Besides the natural color of the bamboo, which at this point you’re probably already worried about (it’s the kids’ room you’re trying to decorate), they also come in various other colors.

You will have no problem adjusting them to the interior of your kids’ bedroom, the furniture, wall colors, and all the other things. The Binds Source will give you all the information you need about the different types of bamboo shades, for different rooms, from the bathroom to the kids’ room.

2. Privacy and light

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The second important thing when choosing the blinds for the kids’ room is to decide what’s more important to you – to offer your kids’ windows protection, but still have enough natural light or will privacy be the priority. For this, you need to take into consideration the position of the room. Is the kids’ room directed towards a busy street? If yes, then your aim is probably to protect their privacy, and you will choose the blinds accordingly. Is the room directed towards the east?

If this is the case and you want them to have as much morning light available, as possible, then avoid heavy blinds and shades. But if the sun is directed right in their faces while they’re asleep and this might wake them up, then go with the thicker ones.

In any case, you should analyze all the above, put it on the piece of paper so you can explain to the salesman what you’re aiming for, and go shades hunting.

3. The possibility of design

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Depending on the age of your children you will choose the roll-up blinds or horizontal ones. Until your kids reach the age of five, it is recommendable to have the roll-ups.

The design of the room should influence the design of the blinds. Blinds can a practical addition to the room’s interior, especially if your kids’ room is decorated in a cartoon style or some fairy tale style. Practical design can be also the choice of their favorite color scheme, texture, or characters.

A suitable pair of blinds can add up to the style of the room. The color can be in the same shade as the walls are. Or a complete opposite, creating a contrast combination.

If your kids are older, then you can choose something neutral like a picturesque scene of a landscape or nature. Or something connected to their interest, such as birds, animals, plants, trees, even space.

The space theme, galaxies, planets on the kids’ blinds in the room is one of the most standard options for boys and girls until they reach adolescence. Such design will not only add originality and style but also the minimal income of light, creating an atmosphere of the nighttime and comfort that is important for healthy sleep. The room will flourish with a variety of colors, even if the walls are neutrally painted white or light grey. Space themes are also welcome for the roof windows.

For the smaller rooms make sure you don’t overreact, so pick some pastel colors, that won’t influence the size of the room.

4. Budget

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There’s a lot of ideas when it comes to choosing the design, but the thing that will make you decide in the end is the price. In most cases, money dictates the choice of blinds. The price is usually calculated by the size of the blinds, so you can expect to spend more money if the windows are bigger.

But we come back to the possibility of choosing different types of blinds, which in some rooms might not be the most fashionable choice, but it does enable you to spend some more on the windows that you consider a priority – like the ones in kids’ room.

5. How much time can you spend on cleaning?

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It’s the most relevant question for moms, that will suffer the most if the cleaning is difficult. On the other hand, the hygiene of the room depends on it, hence the importance of choosing the binds that can be easily cleaned regularly.

If before you read this article you were ignorant of how to approach this specific decorating task, hopefully, you found our advice useful and informative.