Funny Pie in The Face Videos

There is loads of fun to be had with the Hasbo pie face game and if you haven’t heard anything until today then your in for a treat, whether its for the kids or something for the BBQ gathering this game really is a fun-filled adventure with laughs and cackles all-round.

The pie face is a simply game with a simply concept, but does this take away from the fun your asking? Well, the simply answer is no it doesn’t! This game is such a hit it is going viral and people all over are trying to get their hands on one for the simple reason, ITS THAT MUCH FUN!

Game-shows are popping up all over the world and everyone is trying to either pie someone or trying not to get pied in the face, which is really the aim of the game “click and pray no pie in the face” that’s not far off what I was thinking, especially when you were planning to go out soon-after.

There have been countless reviews and challenges online and the craze is expanding all over the world. The traditional theme of a clown pieing someone in the face at the carnival is now at the home and there is no escaping!

Check out some of my favorite funny pie face videos below:


Kaelyn & Sarah’s Pie-Time Challenge

The young girls Kaelyn and Sarah below have a game and explore what a pie in the face is like and I’m guessing you can expect it got messy, but isn’t that the aim of the game, right? Exactly….

Scottish Pie Face by DailyPicksandFlicks

This Scottish father and son have a great laugh and giggle throughout this fast-paced game of pie face, just check out his roll at the end…haha!


Pie Face Showdown Challenge – by trendingsvideos


These brothers get busy with the pie face challenge and clearly have a little brotherly-competition, which got a little messy to say the least at the end..


The Whipped Cream Challenge – by MattyBVlogs

This pair get competitive trying to reach 25 clicks, without getting messy, but clearly the race to the end isn’t that easy and the initial confident Matty (YouTube hit) got the pie in the face more than once, so you could say he maybe took some “hunble pie” hahaha….


Family Pie Bonanza – by Melissa Anderson

This is one of my favorite pie-face homemade videos with its twists and turns. You half expected the kid that cheats at the beginning to get the worst of it, but like a good game of pie the twist is at the end…


Pie Farting Fiasco – by heyyitsabbyy

This is another farting pie-faced video…Herrrhem.. I meant funny pie faced video. Ok, ill say no more on the matter, just check it out and see for yourself!!


These are some of my favorite videos and I hope you got as many laughs as we all did…