Hasbro Pie Face Game 2024

This is a game that will guarantee laughs all around, it’s simple and requires not much skill but definitely some nerve because if you don’t survive the round there will be a guaranteed creamy pie in your face!

This game has gone global and for good reason, it’s a storm of fun both with intense moments of laughter and gasps of fear, it combines both the simplicity of play so almost anyone can play, but unlike some great board games that might bore the adults, this seems to surpass all age-related barriers and can brighten up those family moments into loving-laughter.

Be prepared to get a little messy, so you might not want to not put on too much mascara because you’ll be lucky if it’s all still on by the end of the game. I have seen myself getting plastered with cream and the smearing seems to add to the amusement for my kids, whether I like it or not, however, it’s all in the name of fun and I really do think this is one of the best kids game around.

General Overview

The game basically involves you getting a pie (whipped cream) in the face, it’s really that simple, so resign yourself to the fact it’s gonna happen if you get this for the kids cause there is no way they will not make you get involved. So, there is a handle and the handle needs twisted and with each click and twist the probability of getting a pie in the face goes up. Your face needs to be through the hole in the obviously located space and then the fun begins with a little twist. There can be some similarity to a slot machine and be sure there will be a payoff of something big, but only if your the one that is not twisting the handle.  








How to Play

This game is a race to see who will get the pie in the face, it doesn’t get much more complicated than that, but for the people who want to know a little more the Hasbro Pie Face Game the rules are very simple. Firstly, the cream needs to be placed on the sponge hand and then the person whose turn it is must spin to receive a number of clicks, then put their face through the appropriate space and then hope for the best, that might involve prayer for a low number of clicks. You will receive a point for every click with no pie in the face, the first up to 25 clicks wins the game, so really the skill needed is next to none, but the laughs to be had are huge.

This game is designed for children aged 5+ and is very easy to assemble, but in my view kids younger can play, if accompanied by an adult. The game needs at least 2 players and makes sure there are no kids left unaccompanied because there is the possibility for them to choke on some of the smaller pieces.  The cream does go all over the face and making sure you wipe fairly quickly with ensuring no irritation occurs.  Me and my whole family both at home and the extension have all played this game at Christmas time and at birthday parties and never has there ever been an incident that I feel necessary to concern or feel like voicing here, its really very safe, easy to play and loads of fun-filled laughs.

A funny story is that this one time my husband was convinced he was not going to get the pie in the face, because he had only one click to take on his turn, the youngest went just paced and got pied, so the confident man that he is voiced his confidence and got a mouth full of cream half-mast, which was entirely unexpected by all, which added to the laughs and everyone around seemed to gloat in the ambiance, which he had so quickly done seconds before.


Benefits of Playing Games

Games like Hasbro pie face have always been a fantastic way to get the kids interacting and having fun, simply the act of coming together with a single focus and having fun has been proven to improve overall health. We are intrinsically social animals and want to socialize, feel part of a community and that can be seen in a child seeking connection to siblings or attention from parents, especially when they are always so busy. This is why we all love this game in our house because no matter who plays the pie face game it will guarantee connection, laughter, fun, and memories to last the test of time. The amount of times the pie face game comes into a conversation when we are with friends is surprising. The kids seem to want to relive and have the same fun as they did not that long before.

Some bullet point facts for the benefits of games in general are:

  • Eye to hand coordination
  • Manual dexterity
  • Reading skills
  • Counting
  • Shape recognition
  • Letter recognition
  • Grouping
  • Visual perception

Games really are excellent ways to get your child playing and having fun with others, especially if they struggle to be socially-aware in general, it’s a great icebreaker and good time shaker! My youngest struggled with feeling isolated and didn’t seem to connect with the siblings and the slight age gap mattered, but I did notice that games like pie face always brought them all together and allowed bonding to take place, which lasted more than just that moments play.

Kids always want to win and I have seen a lot of learning take place over a kids game, especially patients and perseverance. The middle child always got upset and moody when not winning and it was challenging playing any game until the end, which at the time was frustrating, but eventually, the forced rules of the gameplay made the learning take place and a life lesson endure.


Choosing the Right Game

Some games are specific in age range and for good reason, but how to choose the right game for your child is important and if you only have enough money to get the occasional game it is worth making sure you spend a little more time deciding on the right one. A game can teach moral values, rules, skills and help build confidence in your child, so making sure you don’t waste time getting something none essential is probably a good idea. I remember monopoly as a child and how it made my brother a little crazy, he would cheat in various ways, either from being the banker and pocketing extra money or even putting an extra hotel on when no one was looking. Eventually, no one would play with him until he learned the valuable lesson of fair-play, which is hard if your child is always wanting their own way, but if not dealt with early on it can be problematic.

The pie face game is a fun, loads of laughs and helps kids see that being a little silly is fun sometimes. Other games can have a more serious games-play theme and scrabble is a good example of its letters, words, and thinking. However, if your looking for some fantastic for all and want to join in with the masses who are all loving this pie face game then make sure are getting the creaming begin!