11 Best Baby Travel Systems Stroller and Car Seat Combo in 2024

A travel system is a stroller which comes with a car seat which can be attached to the stroller. Some travel systems also come with a carrycot which attaches to the stroller, for newborn babies to sleep in. They are very convenient for taking young babies out in the car when you don’t want to disturb them by taking them in and out of the cat seat. Travel systems offer everything you need for transporting your baby in one convenient product – by finding the perfect travel system, you take a headache out of shopping for several baby products!

Here, we have compiled a review of 11 of the best travel systems available for sale today. You’ll also find information about choosing the best travel system for your needs, and what to look for in a safe and convenient system.

The benefits of having a good travel system

A good travel system is essential for parents who will frequently be taking their newborn out in the car. Young babies very often sleep in the car, so being able to take the whole car seat out and attach it to the stroller means they will be able to continue sleeping soundly. This is great for when you are busy and have lots of errands to run – you won’t realize how long it takes to get baby ready and strapped in. Your baby will thank you, too! Buying one good travel system also means new parents don’t have to worry about finding the perfect stroller or seat – everything is included in one package!

With a travel system, an infant car seat is included. These are generally thought of as being safer for young babies than the convertible seats. Also, travel systems are built to last – they tend to grow with children from birth right up until they no longer need to use a stroller. In fact, they can be used by future children too, making a stroller and car seat combo a great long-term investment which will provide excellent value for money.

Things to consider when finding the best baby travel system 

There is so much to think about when shopping for the best stroller combo. The first thing to decide is whether you would like a stroller with 3 wheels or 4 (see more about this in the next section). It’s worth looking for a travel system which will last your child for many years, as it is a big investment. Also think about how much storage is available on the stroller. Some travel system strollers have large baskets and handy parent trays, whilst others offer very little in the way of storage.

Think about the terrain where the stroller will mostly be used. For off-road use, a jogger or 3-wheel stroller is probably the best option. Also think about convenience. Make sure the seat is easy to fit into the car and then onto the stroller frame. It’s also a good idea to check how easy the stroller is to fold, or even if it can be folded using one hand. Before purchasing, ensure the stroller will fit wherever you plan to store it, as some travel systems can take up a lot of space. Similarly, make sure the trunk of the car is large enough to hold the stroller along with any other essentials you’ll likely be taking on a day out such as diaper bags and shopping bags.

The Reviews

Here, you will find our reviews of 11 all in one travel systems. We have chosen a range of brands and styles, including those with 3 wheels, 4 wheels and jogger type strollers. They range in price from around $150 to $550 – there is something to fit all budgets here.

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

The Chicco Bravo stroller and car seat has loads of great, parent-friendly features which make it a great choice for those looking for convenience. It can be folded using one hand, and is self-standing when folded. There are several modes to use this stroller. The seat and canopy can be removed, and a seat adaptor fitted, allowing it to carry the included infant car seat. You can also use just the seat, as a stroller for toddlers, or the seat and the car seat adapter for when you require to use both modes at the same time.

The Chicco Bravo Trio System features a multi-position reclining seat, and a very large canopy to keep babies safe and comfortable no matter what the weather. There is a useful parent tray included, which has space for two cups and a wallet or smartphone. The storage basket under the stroller is very large, and can be accessed from the front or rear. The push handle can be adjusted to one of 3 positions, making it easy for mom or dad to use.

  • Weight – 46.3 pounds
  • Dimensions – 29.5 x 23.5 x 19 inches
  • Stroller maximum weight capacity – 50 Poundsneutral travel system


Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System

This stylish, 3 wheel stroller and car seat combo can be used by children up to 50 pounds, meaning it’s the only stroller you’ll ever need. The car seat fits babies up to 30 pounds, or up to 30″ long. There is a head support for young babies which can be used with either the car seat or stroller.

The stroller offers multi seat recline positions, meaning your infant can have a comfortable ride whether asleep or awake. The handlebars can also be adjusted in height, making it perfect for families with a large height difference!

The storage basket is very generous on this Baby Trend travel system stroller. It can also be folded one-handed, which is great for when parents need to hold the baby whilst folding the stroller. There’s also a small parent tray featuring 2 cup holders. The seat features a 5 point safety harness, and energy absorbing foam for added impact protection. The base can be secured using either the seat belt or the LATCH system.

  • Weight – 36 pounds
  • Dimensions – 34.6 x 23.6 x 42.1 inches
  • Stroller maximum weight capacity – 50 Pounds3 wheel stroller with car seat


Britax B Agile & B Safe System

This travel system is an excellent choice for parents who are concerned about safety. The car seat and base have excellent safety features, above and beyond what is required by law. There are 2 layers of side impact protection, and the head rest position can quickly and easily be adjusted. The base also compresses during a collision, to absorb impact and protect your baby.

The car seat comes in a choice of 3 colors, all of which are neutral and would suit a boy or a girl. The seat is compatible with any Britax stroller, not just the one which comes in the package. The seat has a cover which can easily be removed for cleaning without having to take the harness out. There is also a cushion which can be removed when baby grows and fits better in the seat. The stroller is light and easy to maneuver, thanks to the sleek 3 wheel design. It can even be folded with one hand.

  • Weight – 29.5 pounds
  • Dimensions – 40.5 x 38.5 x 23 inches
  • Stroller maximum weight capacity – 35 Pounds3 wheel travel system stroller


Graco Aire3

This Graco travel system features a lightweight 3 wheel stroller which folds in just one second. It can also be folded using one hand and comes with a carry strap for easy portability. Once folded, the stroller automatically locks, and is self-standing.

The Graco car seat can be used by infants weighing as little as 4 pounds, and up to 35 pounds. Babies must also be under 32 inches to ride safely in this seat. The stroller will last through the toddler years – it can comfortably carry children up to 50 pounds.

The Graco Click Connect stroller makes attaching the seat to the stroller quick and easy – there is just one simple step to follow, and you’ll hear the seat click into place. The stroller is really easy to maneuver, and will offer a comfortable ride. It doesn’t matter what terrain you’re riding on, the built-in suspension will keep kids comfortable.

  • Weight – 29 pounds
  • Dimensions – 34.5 x 17 x 41 inches
  • Stroller maximum weight capacity – 50 poundstravel sysytem for newborns


Baby Trend Jogger Travel System

This Baby Trend jogging stroller has large, all-terrain bicycle tires making it the ideal choice for those who frequently walk off-road. The front wheel can swivel, as well as being locked giving parents more control on different types of ground.

The Baby Trend travel system stroller comes with a handy parent tray, with 2 cup holders and a covered compartment to keep small items safe and dry. There is also a tray across the stroller for babies and toddlers to keep snacks and toys handy. The seat back can be adjusted to several positions, perfect for napping. The canopy can also be adjusted, to keep baby protected no matter what the weather.

The jogger stroller comes with other useful features, including reflectors on the footrest for better visibility in poor weather conditions. There’s also a large storage basket underneath, and the wheels have a quick release system, allowing for easy and compact storage.

  • Weight – 48.4 pounds
  • Dimensions – 34.5 x 21.5 x 22 inches
  • Stroller maximum weight capacity – 50 poundsjogging travel system



Graco Click Connect

This Graco Click Connect stroller comes with lots of handy features making it convenient for parents, and comfortable for children. It comes with a body support which can be used in either the car seat or the stroller. The support is reversible, meaning there are 2 stylish designs to choose from.

The Graco stroller comes with a 5 point harness for safety, as well as 2 handy trays, for parent and child. The storage basket is very large and can be dropped down, allowing easy access even when the seat is reclined. The stroller can be folded one-handed, and will self-stand too. Overall, this is an excellent choice at a great price. It offers many of the features you would expect from a much more expensive model, and also looks great.

  • Weight – 26 pounds
  • Dimensions – 27 x 19.5 x 40.5 inches
  • Stroller maximum weight capacity – 50 pounds4 wheeler travel system stroller and car seat


Evenflo Sibby Travel System

This impressive stroller offers a huge 6 different ways for baby to travel. It comes with a carrycot, toddler seat and car seat. Each can be used either parent or world-facing, giving a range of options for babies and toddlers of all ages. In the carriage mode, there is a cover included which is ideal for keeping baby sheltered from the weather.

The Evenflo stroller comes with a full sun canopy to protect babies from strong sunlight. There’s also a removable child tray with cup holder, to keep toddlers entertained on the ride. The tires on the stroller are soft, to ensure baby has a comfortable and smooth ride. The front wheels are close together, giving the benefits of a 3 wheeled stroller, whilst still giving the stability of 4 wheels.

  • Weight – 38.5 pounds
  • Dimensions – 34 x 25.5 x 74 inches
  • Stroller maximum weight capacity – 50 poundsbaby stoller


Graco Fastaction Fold

This Graco jogger travel system comes with a large car seat which can be used by infants up to 35 pounds and 32 inches tall. Both the stroller and car seat are comfortable for babies and toddlers. The stroller features air-filled tires offering great suspension for a comfortable ride, no matter what the terrain. The seat reclines in multiple positions, and is padded for extra comfort.

The Graco travel system stroller has a lockable front swivel wheel for excellent maneuverability on all terrains. It also features a very large canopy to keep babies protected from harsh sunlight. The stroller can be folded in one second and using one hand. There are trays for both parent and child, as well as a good-sized storage basket for baby essentials.

  • Weight – 38 pounds
  • Dimensions – 40 x 24 x 42 inches
  • Stroller maximum weight capacity – 50 poundsjogger travel system


Baby Jogger City Mini

This is one of the best travel systems for those who walk frequently in the city and off-road. It handles each type of terrain with ease, although despite the name is not intended for use when jogging.

The 3 wheeled stroller features front suspension to ensure baby has a smooth and comfortable ride. The seat can easily and securely be attached to the stroller using the included adapters. The large canopy is great for when the sun is out – it is UV 50+ rated, and also has a window for parents to keep an eye on their little one.

There is plenty of storage on the City Mini stroller. It has a large basket underneath, which is easy to access, as well as a storage pocket on the back of the seat. The stroller is ideal for children who are above average height and weight – it can be used by children weighing up to 65 pounds, and it also has a taller seat back and longer foot rest than many other strollers.

  • Weight – 55.8 pounds
  • Dimensions – 34.3 x 25.2 x 21.8 inches
  • Stroller maximum weight capacity – 65 pounds3 wheeled travel system


Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System Hello Kitty

This cute and stylish travel system would make the perfect gift for any little girl! There is a comfortable, soft head rest which can be used with either the of the strollers. The seat can recline into a range of positions, to ensure baby is comfortable when sleeping. The stroller handle also has varying positions, making it perfect for couples with a large height difference.

The stroller combo both comes with 5 point safety harnesses to keep little ones safe. There’s both a parent and child tray, perfect for bringing along drinks and snacks. This is equipped with energy absorbing foam, for great protection in the event of a collision. The base for the seat can be installed using the LATCH clips, or the seat belt in the vehicle.

  • Weight – 33 pounds
  • Dimensions – 23.5 x 40 x 40 inches
  • Stroller maximum weight capacity – 50 Poundshello kitty infant travel system



Chicco Cortina

This Chicco Cortina Ombra travel system has loads of great features for both parents and babies. The seat reclines fully, in 8 different positions. The handle can be raised or lowered into a choice of 3 different positions. Baby will have a comfortable ride thanks to the front wheel suspension. The front wheels can also swivel, or be locked depending on the terrain.

The Chicco keyfit seat can be used by children weighing up to 40 pounds, with a newborn insert for those under 11 pounds. The Chicco stroller can be used by toddlers up to 3 years old, meaning it is the only one you’ll ever need. The stroller features a baby tray with cup holders, and also one for parents. It can be conveniently folded using one hand, leaving the other free for holding baby.

  • Weight – 40 pounds
  • Dimensions – 47.25 x 23.5 x 45.5 inches
  • Stroller maximum weight capacity – 34 poundsblack double stroller for babies

Our Conclusion 

All of the baby travel systems reviewed here are excellent, in terms of their range of features, and quality of materials used. The type of stroller you choose is really a matter of personal taste and preference. The Evenflo is a great choice for parents who are looking for something to really grow with their child. The carriage mode is an excellent addition not found on many other travel systems. Britax’s offering is also a fantastic choice, particularly for those parents who are concerned about safety in the car and maneuverability in the stroller.

Budget will also influence many parents’ decision. It’s certainly possible to find a stroller with a great range of features at a great price these days. Graco and Baby Trend are great brands for parents looking to spend under $250. Each stroller still has great safety features for baby, as well as aspects which make parent’s lives easier. When shopping for the perfect stroller, it’s best to make a list of everything which is important to you, and look for a stroller which meets as many of your requirements as possible.


Choosing between 3-Wheel and 4-Wheel Travel System Stroller

Both 3 and 4-wheel strollers have their strengths and weaknesses. Which type you end up choosing is ultimately a matter of personal preference. The traditional 4-wheel strollers tend to be easier to fold up, and will stand alone when folded. They are also more stable than 3-wheel strollers, particularly when the seat is attached and there are bags hanging from the handles.

The main reason for choosing a 3-wheel stroller is the better maneuverability. They are generally able to make sharper turns than their 4-wheeled counterparts. These strollers can also be steered more easily with one hand. Jogger-type strollers may offer a more comfortable ride for baby, particularly if they have large, air-filled tires. However, these strollers tend to be bulky when folded, especially if the front wheel is large and may be difficult to get in the trunk.

In general, if you plan to use the stroller off-road a lot, then a 3-wheeler is probably the way forwards. These are also the best choice if you need excellent, one-handed maneuverability. However, 4 wheeled strollers tend to be a bit sturdier and sometimes have more storage. Some 4 wheel strollers now have the front 2 wheels close together, so they offer the advantages of both types. Look for a model like this if you can’t choose between 3 or 4 wheels!

Must have: Car Seat and Base Qualities

All travel systems come with a rear facing infant car seat, which will last babies until they are around 30 pounds, or 30″ tall. The safest car seats come with a 5 point safety harness, as well as an insert for newborn babies which makes them more secure in the seat. These can be removed once baby is a bit bigger and heavier, making the seat comfortable and safe for small babies as well as older ones. Make sure the seat has impact-absorbing foam to ensure your infant will be fully protected in the event of an accident.

A good car base seat will have indicators to help parents quickly see if the seat is installed correctly. Some bases are compatible with other seats, too. This means you might be able to re-use the base when you have to upgrade to a bigger seat, which is more economical. Make sure the base is compatible with and fits in your car, too. Some bases are quite bulky, and fitting them in a compact car can be difficult. Certain bases can be used either with the LATCH system, or the car’s belt.

Things to avoid 

Avoid a stroller which is too large to be stored easily, if you don’t have much space in the car or at home. Also avoid any which are extremely heavy if mom will frequently have to lift it unaided. Heavy lifting can be dangerous for new moms, especially after a C-section birth. Make sure the stroller has enough storage space for everything you will need when out and about with baby.

Travel systems should last a long time, so it’s best to avoid anything cheaply-made, as this probably won’t last the 3 or 4 years you’d like it to. Also make sure it is adjustable and adaptable to make sure it will continue to be useful as your child grows. You should avoid a stroller without good suspension if it will frequently be used on rough ground. In this case, a jogger is a much better option. New parents should also avoid a travel system which is overly complicated to fold, or the car seat is difficult to fit. You’ll want everything to be as quick and convenient as possible as a new parent, so simplicity and a decent amount of storage are the key things to look for!

Caution: Travel safety information and safety features info

Traveling with a baby doesn’t need to be stressful, as long as you are well-prepared. ensure the car seat is always correctly fitted, and the safety harness is tight enough. As your baby gets a bit older, keep an eye on their weight and size to make sure they aren’t getting too big for their infant car seat. Also make sure a rear-facing seat is never fitted in a seat with airbags activated.

It’s not recommended to use second hand car seats, unless you know their history (for example, they belonged to a family member). Seats must not be used after being in an accident, as they may be suffering from internal, invisible damage. This means they won’t offer proper protection if they are involved in another accident.

Infant car seats have to undergo strict safety testing to ensure they will provide adequate protection in a crash. Make sure the seat you choose meets required safety standards. It’s not recommended to use an old one, as they might have been made when standards weren’t so high. They also ‘expire’ after several years, meaning they will become less effective after this time.