Remote Control Drift Cars are Cool

Drifting is an impressive trick for young RC drivers to learn to show off to their friends. Older boys love these remote control cars because they are key to perfecting your RC drifting, make sure you have the correct type of vehicle first. Battery-powered RC cars are the best for performing good drifts. It is much more difficult to drift well with a gas or nitro car, and the risk of the engine overheating is much greater. Therefore, this should only be done by those who know a lot about how the engine works, so not to permanently damage it.

Your car will also need the right tires to drift well. Choose smooth tires for the best results, if your car is not already fitted with them. Similarly, drifting works best on a smooth floor surface. If you can’t find a suitable location outdoors, try the basement. Wooden or tiled flooring may also work well if the room is large enough.

Like many things, the only way to perfect your drifting technique is to keep practicing. Each remote-controlled car works in a unique way, so if you have previously been great at drifting and then get a new vehicle, expect to have to practice a lot before becoming a master with the new car.

rc drift carTo perform a really good drift, it is necessary to build up a good amount of speed first. Then when you are ready to drift, steer into a full lock whilst continuing to accelerate. Remember, every car handles differently so the amount of steering and throttle you’ll need to use will vary. It’s best to just keep trying and experimenting until the perfect balance is found.

If you really want to be good at drifting, the best option is to buy a specially-designed drift car. These cars often come with features such as low-friction tires and feature four-wheel drive. However, it’s possible to modify an existing car to make it perform better at drifting. Many parts can be replaced to enhance performance such as brakes, motors, and shocks. This is best done by those who are knowledgeable about RC cars and have some experience with building. Modifying a toy car can be a fun and challenging activity for parents and children to do together if you have the required knowledge and tools/ parts.

For those who become really good at drifting, there are even special competitions to really show of your skills. This is a great way to show off your unique style – during a drift race points are gained for style, drift angle and maybe even the noise the car makes! Learning to drift well can offer a great new experience if you are getting tired of traditional racing.

Advanced drifters might enjoy learning how to drift along with another car. The ‘twin drift’ is a difficult skill to master, especially if your drift partner has a different style of yourself. The two cars drift around the corner inches from one another, before one pulls ahead. This maneuver takes a lot of practice, but it looks so impressive when performed well!