Why Does My Dog Poop So Much at Night – Reasons & Remedies 2024

Why does my dog poop so much at night? A question that most pet owners still find difficult to unravel.

For the uninformed pet owner, this condition could generate from many possible sources. It could be that the dog is playing hide and seek with the owner (which is unlikely).

Or the dog is sick and is too weak to hold the pressure of the impending doo-doo (very likely).

It could even be because he doesn’t expect a bomb to be released at that moment (very possible – happens to humans too).

Whichever is the case, knowing the cause will save you a lot of stress. And you can prepare in advance for such occurrences and reduce the magnitude of the mess.

Why Learn About Abnormalities in Dog Pooping?

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Even if you love your pet, you can’t love the mess they leave behind. And as a dog owner, there is nothing you can do about your dog poop other than to clean it.

Learning how to take care of it is going to help you maintain a clean, healthy environment for your family and pet. And the community in general!

But if your dog is releasing solids and liquids abnormally, then you may find the statement above a simplification.

A dog pooping incessantly at night can make life difficult for the dog owner. That’s why you should know your dog’s routine.

And then, if you notice a difference in how your dog releases this his canine bombs, you can take an informed approach to remove it properly.

Most importantly, this phenomenon can have a lot of negative impacts, whether you like it or not.

It could offend your neighbors, attract disease-carrying pests, and ruin the appearance of your property. It can even become a health hazard.

As you can see, it’s important to learn how to spot irregular patterns in your dog poop.

Now, if it’s happening and it’s happening at night, what can you do about it? That’s what this article is about. And that’s what the next few paragraphs will be about.

Let’s get to it:

Why Does My Dog Poop So Much at Night?

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If your dog poops very often at night, there might be many possible reasons.

Some of the most common of them are related to aging, psychological or medical. In the subsequent paragraphs, you’ll find a few of these.

And we’ll point you to some actionable advice that might be useful to get rid of the poop menace.

Here are some of the reasons for this irregularity:

1. Your Dog Is Aging

Some canines get fecal inconsistencies due to a lack of control over the bowel as they get older.

Although it’s normal with them, with some lifestyle changes and medications, this condition can be treated.

Dogs may develop any of the following issues with age:

  • There’s a disease called Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, which is similar to Alzheimer’s condition in humans. He may forget to poop during the day walk. A vet may prescribe some medicines to treat this ailment.
  • The dog may not be able to “hold it” due to the loss of muscle strength. Some strength-giving food or medications could help under medical advice.
  • Some other health problems may have developed as his immune system gets weak with age. Canine Degenerative Myelopathy is one such disease that makes the hind portion weak.

2. Watch out for Medical Problems

If the pooping issue has started at a younger age, then immediate veterinary assistance may be needed.

Observe your dog’s stools, if they’re either loose or if there are signs of diarrhea, he may have gastroenteritis, which inflames the stomach or intestinal tract.

The cause, which could be any of the following needs to be diagnosed and treated:

  • Bacteria or viruses.
  • Allergy or intolerance to some food.
  • Bowel cancer.
  • The most common ones are hookworms, roundworms or any other parasites in the digestive system.
  • Arthritis or Pain. The dog may be feeling pain in some muscles or joints to be in a squatting position.

3. It Could Be Due to Psychological Reasons

In case aging and medical disorders are ruled out, fear or anxiety may be at the root of this pooping habit. Although calming drugs may help, your gentleness and love can effectively cure this condition.

Few issues that may be causing this are:

  • Fear of Noises – Some dogs become afraid of loud noises like thunder, firecrackers, etc. Try to keep your dog away from such noises especially during the night time. Gradually train him to be calm in such conditions. Your vet may also provide some medicine to keep him calm.
  • Anxiety – This may occur due to varying reasons. Some dogs feel stressed because of separation, while others might get anxious with abrupt changes in routine. Try to keep a normal undisturbed routine for the dog always. You may need to hire help to maintain this. Leaving some of your used clothes also helps in keeping your canine friend calm by giving him a sense of your presence.

How to Curb Your Dog Pooping at Night: Important Points

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While the particular causes need specific treatment options, the following are some ideas that generally work:

  • Feed him twice a day and just enough to keep him nourished.
  • Do some research on pet doors for sale and find one that works for your pup. There are companies like HalePetDoor that make custom pet doors specific to your dog.
  • The evening meal should be early enough to give time for a walk or play.
  • Morning walks should be long and brisk.
  • Praise him when he poops outside.
  • Don’t throw the poop in the trash but keep it outside if he poops inside. This tells him where you want it.
  • Go for a walk or a stroll with him after the evening meal.
  • Don’t feed him too much of protein or lactose.
  • Get some calming drugs if needed.
  • Buy a dog poop trash can.
  • Keep a crate or a closet space where he can go when he’s afraid. Give him treats there so that he doesn’t associate that space with fear.
  • Distractions help in fighting fear. So play fetch with him when he’s frightened.

Lasts Words

As you can see, you can’t just decide to gift your canine two strokes of cane every time it poops at night. Rather, you have to understand him.

Find out why that is happening to him and help him curb the occurrence.

He is probably counting on you. And you definitely don’t want to disappoint.