February 28, 2010

Sunshine Sunday

So today is my first "Sunshine Sunday" and I'm going to tell you one thing I'm thankful for.  Today I am especially thankful for my husband - his sense of humor and his willingness to support me.

Let me first answer the question you currently have in your mind.  NO, my husband doesn't always have a porn-star mustache like the one he's sporting here.  There's an explanation.  My little boy has been really interested in mustaches lately.  He thinks there are really cool, so my hubby decided to show him that he can grow one.  Luckily the stache is leaving tomorrow, but I get a kick out of the fact that he'd do that for his son.  I've had quite a few laughs over that one.

Can you see here how he humors me and all my crazy schemes?  He let me dress him up as a vendor for Halloween to match the boys' costumes.

We just celebrated our 5 year anniversary this week.  Yes, I caught a good one :)

....and the mustache on this little guy will make another appearance this week.  I'm pretty excited about this project.  Stay tuned.


Lindsay @ 402CenterStreet.blogspot.com said...

Great Daddies rock! Right now, my hubby is sporting red toenails at our daughter's request. :)

Happy Anniversary!

Jen@Notes From the Heartland said...

LOVE the Halloween costumes. Adorable. Isn't it great having a hubby who cooperates with crafting insanity? ;-) Mine just came through the craft room and looked at the pic and said "you crafty women and the crazy things you make us do!". Great blog, I just followed!!

Taylor Swim said...

He is so funny. I love his stash support for your little man. Way to do. Dudes gotta stick together.

The Trappett collective said...

Favorite gift from my husband, we had been married about 2 years and he brings out a rotatory cutter and board, "Happy Birthday Huney, is this for scrap booking or sewing?" So cute he didn't know what it was, just that I wanted one and got it for me! Love the Hubby!

Wani said...

A friend's daughter decided she wanted a mustache party for her birthday. So her dad (our youth pastor) grew one for the party. Considering we have never seen him with facial hair it was pretty strange - especially the transition period. I love seeing dads be silly for their kiddos! So cute!


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