March 22, 2010

ABC...easy as 123!

This is a project I made some time ago for my son, but I thought this would be a good one to share.  I made an "ABC" book for him. 

Here are some of my favorite pages of the book:

While Rex is still a little ways away from knowing the letters, the book has a few different purposes. It's colorful, so it attracts his attention.  It gave me a way to showcase some of the photos I had been taking. It helps him remember relatives who don't live close. It also makes a great, low-cost present.  Substitute "door" for "daddy" and now it's a gift for all the cousins.

Want the how to?  Dig out your favorite photos.  Upload them to picnik.  I have mentioned this site before, but in case you missed it, let me tell you more.  It's fabulous, free photo-editing software.  If you feel like you could never understand photoshop, head over to picnik.  It is very simple and logical.  Just add words on top of your photos and save them back to your computer.  Print the photos at your favorite spot.

I took one of those cheap photobooks they used to give you for free back when you "developed film" and slid the pictures in.  Taaa-daaahhh! 


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