March 18, 2010

The Bow is Back, Baby!

I've been kind of happy to see bows coming back in.  Frankly, I like them.  I also like to dance to Michael Jackson in my kitchen.  I'm a nerd, but on to the crafting.  I wanted to make a feminine shirt, including a bow.  Here is it.

It all started when my sister took me to a fabric store I had never been to. I saw this....

...and I was glad my sister was there to wipe up the pile of drool I left on the floor.  I had never seen crochetted rick-rack like this before.  They also had these fabulous large buttons.  I left with these two things and I stared at them on my counter for several days.  When you have supplies you love, it takes just the right idea to make you willing to use them.

Anyhow, here's the process.

1) Plain t-shirt.  Sew on the trim.  I machine-sewed it on over the rick-rack and hand-tacked the top of it so it wouldn't lay weird after washing it.

2) Create a bow.  I just basically sewed a long tube of fabric.

3) Sew the tube into a bow shape, buy shoving it under the machine as you sew to gather it up.  (I hope you're appreciating my technical terms here.)  I didn't need a middle section, since the large button was going to cover it.

4) Sew the bow onto the shirt.

5) Sew on the button.  (I also tacked the bow on in two spots so that it would lay a litttle more flat.)

6) Get your sister to take pictures of you in the shirt as you prance around like Tyra Banks.  Upload the pictures and realize you may not be as photogenic as Tyra.  Laugh at the photos. 

I think I'm pondering life's deepest questions here.

There you have it, folks!  E-mail me if you have questions.

Thanks for stopping in!  Come hang out again soon!


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