March 26, 2010

Feature Friday - felt rosettes

I saw this adorable tutorial a while back on the Purl Bee and made note to try it later.  Well, later came today.  I actually was planning on doing a totally different feature, but I totally and completely messed it up.  Fixable?  Oh no.  Been there before? 

Anyhow, this sweet rosette was shown as a little girl's hair clip, but I thought it would be pretty to do a few on one headband.  Here's how it turned out.

I love this mustard color, but I look like a corpse if I wear it.  Little bits of it on accessories are perfect instead.

One more picture because I asked my husband to snap one of me with Rex.  I never have pictures of me with my kids because I'm always taking them.  I was really excited to get a good one.

Want to make one?  Head on over to her tutorial.  It is excellent and very clearly explained.

So you know how I mentioned that I totally screwed up a project today?  I think we all do that, but don't always talk about it.  We show the perfect finished product instead.  I added a tab above called, "Whoops!"  I thought I'd tell you about one of the times I messed up and if you have a similiar story you can e-mail it to me to post.  That way we can all laugh at each other and enjoy the mistakes, too.

Tomorrow is Soapbox Saturday and I'm excited to tell you a little about a different project I've been working on.  Thanks for stopping by.


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