March 05, 2010

Feature Friday - guy bag

Did you see this funny little pocket bag floating around the blog world?  I thought it was absolutely adorable, so I decided to try my hands at making one.  Get Lia's tutorial right here.

Here's mine.  Not quite as cute, but I had to go "manly," of course.

My little guy LOVES these little guys.  They used to be my husband's when he was growing up.  They come with us everywhere, so what better than a "guy bag?"

I sewed, "guys" on the back.  Rex (my son) has named all of his guys.  He knows when one is missing.  After all, a good soldier never leaves a man behind.

I have a feeling this bag is going to be attached to him at all times.

SIDENOTE:  Naturally, the bag had to have a mustache.  I think Rex's mustache craze started with these little figurines, because half of them have mustaches.  Anyhow, no more mustache least not for a long time.

Tomorrow's Soapboax Saturday will feature a funny item that I think not only babies should have.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That bag rocks! I think it is the perfect perfect solution for the Rexster! Nice work!

  2. What cute bags. Now Rex will never loose "the guys". Isn't his little rear so cute in that picture? Little back sides are so cute on children

  3. accccckkkkk I totally love your version :) it's soooo cute :) and manly :D...thanks a lot for sharing :D

  4. oh! I think that is so cute! I like the stachs!

  5. That is adorable!

  6. Those bags are amazing - obviously every good bag deserves a tache! :D

  7. I am new to your blog & LOVE it! I love your "guy bag". My son has "men". I am going to have to make him a "man bag" to take his men with him.

  8. wow. going thru all the post here (thanks to you i have about 30 tabs open shhh dont tell my husband he hates that) i have noticed, our lives/kids have so much in common! i dont want to sound stalkerish but my son who is 3 1/2 has a things for mustaches (i painted one on him once to dress him up as a pirate) he has these little guys that he carries around everywhere (his 'monsters') that were MY husbands toys as a child. and a few other things i noticed, oh and the grimace face too lol. thanks so much for seeming so real and open. i never leave the house and if it wasnt for blogs like yours, my creative gene would die and i would never make anything! i love making things. i tried the tutorial for the upcycled shirt hat and it turned out ok (for me cuz its huge lol oops) thanks again. you are so creatively awesome it hurts! email me if you would like to see pics of the things that are similar. ie the little guys all over the house


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