March 05, 2010

Feature Friday - guy bag

Did you see this funny little pocket bag floating around the blog world?  I thought it was absolutely adorable, so I decided to try my hands at making one.  Get Lia's tutorial right here.

Here's mine.  Not quite as cute, but I had to go "manly," of course.

My little guy LOVES these little guys.  They used to be my husband's when he was growing up.  They come with us everywhere, so what better than a "guy bag?"

I sewed, "guys" on the back.  Rex (my son) has named all of his guys.  He knows when one is missing.  After all, a good soldier never leaves a man behind.

I have a feeling this bag is going to be attached to him at all times.

SIDENOTE:  Naturally, the bag had to have a mustache.  I think Rex's mustache craze started with these little figurines, because half of them have mustaches.  Anyhow, no more mustache least not for a long time.

Tomorrow's Soapboax Saturday will feature a funny item that I think not only babies should have.  Thanks for stopping by!


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